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Chirurgie West

Patient care at its best: The architecturally striking and impressive design of this generously proportioned new building houses the most up-to-date surgical institution in Austria. With capacity for 144 beds, the clinic also offers outstanding facilities for swift primary care of accident victims as well as for complex surgical interventions.

Comprehensive medical supply

The buildings of the Landeskliniken Salzburg extend over an area that is the equivalent of 56 football pitches. This "small city""is the central medical provider for Salzburg. The new surgical department that was opened in 2001 is one of the latest milestones in the direction of modernisation and performance optimisation. The heart of the new Chirurgie West department are the operating theatres with six operating suites and the adjoining areas such as anaesthesia room, recovery room, intensive care unit and intensive care ward.

All the instruments that are needed during the course of an operation are transported directly from here to the new central sterilisation unit. In the central sterilisation unit of the Landeskliniken Salzburg, seven Miele G 7828 machines deal with the cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments. Over an operating period of twelve hours, between ten and eleven batches are reprocessed on a daily basis. Following the subsequent processing in the steriliser, the instruments are once again ready for use, after a full processing time of approximately three hours.

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