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Range Brochure

An overview of Miele Professional commercial laundry and dishwasher product range.

Education Brochure

High quality commercial laundry solutions for schools, colleges and universities.

Laundry and dishwashing solutions for the care sector brochure
Care Sector Brochure

A range of reliable and cost effective dishwashers and laundry machines for care environments.

WetCare brochure image
WetCare brochure

Professional fabric care for the future.

Laundry Solutions for Labs

Quality at all levels: Laundry solutions for your laboratory.

Dental Brochure
Dental 360° Brochure

Quality at all levels: Our 360° solutions for your dental surgery


Commercial laundry brochures

The New Generation of Benchmark Machines

The Perfect balance.
The New Benchmark Machines: Washing machines and dryers.

EVOLUTION Little Giants

More sustainable Little Giants

New: PIB 100

The professional PIB 100 Steam ironing system. Professional ironing has never been simpler.

Flatwork Ironers
New 2019: PRI 3 and PRI 4 flatwork ironers

Flatwork ironers with working widths of 830 – 3,300 mm

Little Giants
The New Little Giants

Compact washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use.

The Benchmark Machines

The new Performance & Performance Plus model series set the new benchmark in laundry and textile care.

The Benchmark Machines Download
WashPlus brochure

10Kg - 32Kg capacity washing machines

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DryPlus brochure
DryPlus large tumble dryer brochure

Adding value to laundry drying

slimline brochure
Slimline dryers brochure

Powerful, space saving, energy efficient

H2O dryers brochure

Water is our element in producing energy


Barrier washing systems 16 - 32Kg capacity

PM16 - PM18 flatwork ironer range

Setting standards in laundry finish and efficiency


Hygiene specialists for contract cleaners

ironer brochure
PM12 ironer brochure

Best ergonomics, simple operation, perfect laundry finish


Commercial dishwashers brochures


The new ProfiLine generation with a cycle time of only 17 minutes.

The new tank dishwashers: PTD 70x series

The new tank dishwashers:
Top-class cleaning results combined with shortest cycles.

profiline brochure
Profiline dishwasher brochure

Faster, more powerful, more convenient

freshwater brochure
Freshwater Dishwasher PG80 range brochure

Sparkling performance and uncompromising hygiene

Dishwasher Accessories Brochure

Dishwasher accessories for a systematic approach to ensuring a perfect workflow in commercial kitchens

tank brochure
Tank dishwasher brochure

Top-class cleaning results combined with short cycles


Laboratory and Medical brochures

Lab 2019
NEW 2019: PLW 6011 and PLW 6111 The new SlimLine lab washers

Top-class safety, cleanliness and material compatibility.

NEW: PLW 86 large-chamber lab washer

Setting new standards
Lab washers from the PLW 86 series

New: SlimLine lab washers

Perfect and analysis-grade reprocessing of laboratory glassware SlimLine lab washers – compact dimensions, high capacity


Miele Reads

We have created a number of industry-specific eBooks, tip sheets and ‘fast facts’ documents. They are all designed to help you get the best out of the appliances that your business uses, as well as understanding your customers better, saving money and delivering an even higher quality service. 

AK Lab Laboratory Glassware Reprocessing Guide

A complete guide of specialist knowledge, formed by a working group of leading manufacturers of laboratory glassware, process chemicals and lab washers, in relation to laboratory glassware reprocessing.

Miele Professional Whitepaper Series

Our whitepaper series address why crockery discolours and what you can do about it.

Hotel fast facts sheet 2
Fast Facts for Hotel Owners - Customer Review

Customer reviews are widely used by customers according to our research.

Pub and bar fast fact sheets
Fast Facts for Pub and Bar Owners - Impact of Dirty Glasses

Our research reveals the damaging effect that dirty glasses can have on customers.

Hotel fast facts cleanliness
Fast Facts for Hotel Owners - The importance of cleanliness

We surveyed over 2,000 consumers on cleanliness in hotels

Excellent customer service in hotels
Excellent Customer Service Holds the Key to Business Growth

Find out what are the top restaurant ‘turn offs’ and how you can avoid them

Benefits of an on-promise laundry
The Benefits of an On-Premise Laundry

Find out how an on-premise laundry could work for you

Best Practice in Laundry Processes
Best Practices for your Laundry Process in the Care environment

Meeting the required guidelines for thermal disinfection in the Care environment

What people look for in a care home environment
What People Look for in a Care Environment

Our eBook discusses people's expectations of a Care Home

how to put your care home a cut above the rest
How to put your care home a cut above the rest

A guide for care home management teams


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