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Behind the Miele Brand

Quality is the common thread from start to finish

As the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial laundry and dishwashing appliances, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we deliver quality from start to finish and beyond. Whether that’s at a product design level or as part of our testing procedures - Immer besser or forever better is what drives us.

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Hotel Laundry Insights

The place for hotel laundry information and advice

Here you’ll find lots of great resources to help make your hotel laundry better quality, more efficient and cost effective – leading to the best possible guest experience!

At the bottom of the page you’ll find our on-premise laundry guide – really useful for any hotel thinking about moving laundry in-house or simply looking to review this area.

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Laboratory Insights

A valuable resource for your laboratory

From facts and videos about glassware cleaning to how we partner with other manufacturers to creating the perfect analytical-grade glassware, our Laboratory Insights page is a great resource to find out how Miele can help you create the optimum conditions for cleaning in your lab.

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Veterinary Insights

Valuable information for today's modern vet practice

Running a vet's practice today can be demanding with multiple challenges from meeting customer's expectations to maintaining proper infection control. Our Veterinary Insights page gives you valuable resources to help you manage your practice.

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