Solutions for External Instruments Reprocessing

Safe and efficient reprocessing of sterile goods

For the perfect service package

Not every hospital is able to reprocess its medical instruments in an on-site central sterile supply department. In this case, external providers are used to reprocess these medical devices. They generally serve hospitals, outpatient clinics, operating practices and industrial clients. Specially trained personnel are employed in reprocessing surgical instruments and other medical devices. They make use of the entire product range in the process – from washer-disinfectors and container and trolley washers to large-volume sterilisers.

Case studies

A supply centre in "green fields"

Although the company's new sterile goods supply centre is its largest, it is certainly not its only operating site. From its 49 operating sites Vanguard supplies more than 100 hospitals in Germany and Austria. The new supply centre offers employees a pleasant working atmosphere characterised by a great deal of natural light, thanks to its predominantly transparent, glass structure.

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