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Typical Miele – the service too

Miele Professional is synonymous with exceptional quality – not least when it comes to service. Blanket service coverage enables a response within 24 hours. Miele also offers a series of process checks performed at various times throughout a machine’s life cycle. Specially trained technicians carry out process tests in accordance with legal requirements and standards as well as country-specific recommendations. And, thanks to on-board spares, first service visits result in around 90 % first-time fixes. It is no coincidence that Miele’s customer service has been awarded top ratings for outstanding service for many years.

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Professional instrument reprocessing

Miele thermal disinfectors allow safe and consistently reproducible cleaning and disinfection of all dental instruments. They work in a way that is gentle on the materials and are recommended by leading manufacturers for reprocessing transmission instruments in the Miele VARIO TD process.

Perfectly reliable

Segosoft Miele Edition – documentation with system

Miele Professional offers an individualised complete solution for the documentation of the reprocessing. The Segosoft Miele Edition software is the core of the documentation system. It is carefully adapted to daily use in the practice and clinic, and thereby allows comprehensible documentation of instrument preparation that is manipulation-proof and legally accepted. It is not just the patients who benefit from this but also the users, in particular due to certified legal security. The Segosoft Miele Edition facilitates the documentation of all the important reprocessing steps: from the cleaning and disinfection through sterilisation to the final check. In addition, the software can document all the routine checks and maintenance work in electronic form. Thus it makes a valuable contribution to quality management in sterile supply services and delivers valuable data for audit.