A 852 - Holder rack  For injector module A 622.--Stainless steel
  • For injector module A 622.--Stainless steel

A 852
Holder rack 
For injector module A 622.

  • Arrangement: 4 x 9 fields
  • For use on A 852 injector module
  • For the optimum positioning of laboratory glassware


    The holder rack enables laboratory glassware to be positioned ideally for the best possible cleaning results. The glassware is also protected against damage.
  • Part of the EasyLoad system


    The EasyLoad system makes reprocessing laboratory glassware considerably faster, simpler and more reliable. The biggest benefit afforded by the new system is that load items can be positioned over nozzles both more simply and faster as height adjustment of the holders is no longer necessary thanks to the smart combination of nozzles and holding frames. This makes correct positioning extremely easy.

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