Professional and hygienic cleaning for PPE and breathing equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has never been more important but making sure it is completely clean and smear-free can be a challenge.

All reusable PPE needs to be cleaned and disinfected after use but doing this manually can produce unreliable results. Standard dishwashers and washer disinfectors may also be unable to cope with more complex pieces of equipment like breathing apparatus.

Miele’s PG 8063 Safety dishwasher thoroughly cleans and reprocesses PPE, including breathing masks, air regulators, visors and goggles. The appliance has been designed to be used by fire and rescue services, organisations where staff deal with biohazardous materials or other dangerous substances and anyone who routinely uses respiratory protective equipment, breathing masks, air regulators, visors, and face shields. The insert baskets are designed to hold a range of equipment, including dismantled components.

Unlike a standard dishwasher, the PG 8063 Safety has been specifically created to effectively wash and decontaminate safety equipment and PPE. At each stage of the programme cycles, the water is completely replaced to make sure any soiling is removed and minimise the risk of any cross-contamination. This is what we call our fresh-water system.

Having a professional-standard dishwasher to clean safety visors and other items of PPE means all items are washed and reprocessed to the same high standards. It also takes pressure off employees who may have busy workloads and little time to dedicate to thoroughly cleaning their equipment.

Although it is the employer’s responsibility to provide staff with suitable PPE, it is often left to the individual employee to clean and maintain it. This can mean equipment might not be cleaned well enough to remove all potentially dangerous contaminants.

Clear visibility is crucial

Thorough cleaning is vital not just for hygiene purposes. Clear visibility is essential when it comes to protective headgear as smears, streaks, water stains or clouding, which can result from ineffective cleaning methods, can make it difficult for the wearer to see properly, posing a safety risk.

One industry where the cleaning of breathing apparatus is taken very seriously is the fire service. Firefighters regularly come into contact with toxic substances like carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and carbon dioxide when attending building fires.

This means their equipment also becomes contaminated with these toxins and needs to be disinfected before it is used again to minimise the risk to crew members. The PG 8063 Safety offers standardised hygienic reprocessing with features including a compressed air indicator and password protection for programme settings.

The large chamber has space for breathing apparatus on two levels and, depending on the load baskets used, the appliance can fit up to 12 air regulators or six air regulators and six breathing masks at once. The load baskets have been designed to keep small parts safe with colour-coded compartments to keep individual components safe.

There is also a load basket with a compressed air connection for cleaning air regulators. The air regulators can be connected to a supply of compressed air throughout the reprocessing cycle which prevents liquid entering the valves.


This PG 8063 model has been tested verified by independent institutions to meet the highest of standards when it comes to hygienically reprocessing breathing apparatus.

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