APH 301

Connection cable type 1

for connection of a machine with serial interface to a PC.

  • Compat. w. Miele PWD853x, PLW611x, PG858x/9x w. XKM RS232 10 Med
  • Compatible with numerous appliances from Melag, Sirona, W&H and Hawo
    - Melag Cliniklav 25
    - Melag Euroklav 23-S, 23V-S
    - Melag Euroklav 23S+, 23VS+
    - Melag Euroklav 29VS+, 29V-S
    - Melag Vacuklav 23-B, 24-B
    - Melag Vacuklav 24B/L, 24B/L+
    - Melag Vacuklav 30-B, 31-B
    - Melag Vacuquick 13-B, 14-B
    - Melag Vacuklav 23B+, 24B+
    - Melag Vacuklav 30B+, 31B+
    - Melag MELAtronic 15EN
    - Melag MELAtronic 17EN
    - Melag MELAtronic 23EN
  • Crossover cable, length 3 m
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    APH 301
    EAN 4002514940526 / Article number 68815201D / Material number 07951420

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