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Long Story Short: 125 Years of Quality.

Precision, quality and reliability are not just words for us – they are indispensable values which have been our motivation for the past 125 years. In a world which is forever changing, one thing stays the same: our pursuit of 'Immer Besser'. Join us in celebrating this anniversary and how we have not only been delivering on our pledge for 125 years but have exceeded all expectations.

A sign of our gratitude for your trust.

Your exclusive anniversary discount.

Celebrate with us and be doubly rewarded: Not only are you given personalised advice in selecting the perfect Miele laboratory washer to meet your needs, you will also receive your exclusive anniversary discount of up to £250 off the purchase of any of our promotional models.

Undercounter Laboratory Glasswashers Campaign period Voucher Discount
PG 8504 01.02. - 31.05.24 £125 £125
PG 8583 01.02. - 31.05.24 £125 £125
PG 8583 CD 01.02. - 31.05.24 £125 £125
PG 8593 01.02. - 31.05.24 £125 £125

Precision in the laboratory: Purity that sets standards.

A PG 8583 undercounter laboratory glasswasher and a PLW 7111 SlimLine laboratory glasswasher are placed next to each other on a grey background.

These are the details that make a difference in your laboratory. Clean laboratory glassware is the basis for precise work. With laboratory washers from Miele Professional, you can achieve the level of purity needed for analytical experiments and create a secure foundation for reliable research results. From compact undercounter models through to spacious SlimLine laboratory washers – Miele laboratory washers are adaptable and scalable to meet the most diverse needs and laboratory sizes. The innovative EasyLoad accessory system simplifies your work and guarantees effective reprocessing combined with the optimum use of the washer's chamber. With Miele Professional, you are placing your trust in consistently high cleaning standards and underpinning the reliable results of your analytical work.

An undercounter laboratory glasswasher PG 8583 is placed on a grey background.

Maximise your performance and flexibility with our undercounter models. Compact yet powerful, they ensure exceptional cleaning quality in all laboratories. 

  • High capacity: With a modular basket system, up to 128 laboratory bottles, for example, can be reprocessed at the same time. 
  • Excellent cleaning performance: Thanks to a variable-speed heater pump, wash pressure adjusts perfectly to requirements and guarantees optimum reprocessing results. 
  • Optimum drying: Thanks to DryPlus and EcoDry hot-air drying (depending on model). 
  • Flexible loading: Flexible and intuitive EasyLoad system ensures safe cleaning results. 
  • Maximum security: Gap-free process monitoring and documentation to meet the highest of safety standards. 

Discover our undercounter models which integrate effectively and effortlessly into your everyday laboratory life. 

The 125th Miele anniversary logo on a grey background.

Laboratory work demands precision down to the very last detail. Receive a voucher with a value of up to £250 against the purchase of our high-quality laboratory washers. Use this voucher for tailored products which perfectly match your new laboratory washer. This allows you to make the most of its performance and efficiency in your laboratory: 

  • ProCare Lab: From alkaline liquid and powder detergent to neutralising agents - our various cleaning products cover all process stages, ensure perfect reprocessing combined with the gentle treatment of laboratory glassware every day and contribute towards preserving the value of your equipment. 
  • EasyLoad accessories: The clever interaction between baskets, modules and holder racks guarantees fast and safe loading as well as first-class results - whilst making optimum use of chamber space. 

Discover how Miele Professional can support your work in the laboratory even better – for convincing results and smooth processes. 

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Apply for voucher

You will receive a voucher with a value up to £250 with the purchase of one of our promotional models from the 125-year campaign. The campaign is due to run from 01.02.2024 until 30.06.2024. The invoice date applies throughout. 
Upload a copy of your delivery note using our campaign form to receive your voucher. 

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    The following terms and conditions apply to the voucher: The voucher can only be redeemed once per customer. There will be no remaining amount left for the voucher. Only one voucher code can be redeemed within per webshop order. The voucher expires on 31st December 2024.There is no minimum order value to redeem the voucher. The voucher code can be combined with any other active promotion in the Webshop.
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    The following terms and conditions apply to the product discount: All products on promotion can be purchased through our Approved Partner Network. All enquiries for the promotion will be sent through to one of our Approved Partners.