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Can be built under a worktop

The machine can be easily integrated under a worktop.
 Colour of outer casing

Spray arm pressure monitoring

The wash pressure is monitored for perfect cleaning results.

Spray arm monitoring

Reliable cleaning performance thanks to the monitoring of the rotation speed of the spray arm.

HEPA filters

Protection against contamination thanks to particle-free drying air.

Waterproof System (WPS)

Protection against flooding: In the event of problems, the system stops water intake automatically.
 Convenience and features

Touch on Metal

Greater user convenience and easy surface cleaning.

Short cut buttons

Quick and convenient access to frequently used programmes.

Adjustable display language

No misunderstandings: The user can select his/her language of choice from a number of different options. All display notifications appear in this language, so that the highest level of operating safety is ensured.

EcoDry via patented AutoOpen function*

Quick drying: At the end of the reprocessing programme the appliance door opens automatically.
Patent: DE 102 007 008 950 B4Patent: DE 102 007 008 950 B4


Efficient hot air drying: Ideal for drying hollow body instruments or narrow-lumened laboratory glassware.


A light touch is all it takes: With AutoClose, the door closes by itself.
Patent: EP 1 733 675 B1Patent: EP 1 733 675 B1

The heart of perfect results

In the individual programmes the speed of the pump and thus the wash pressure is adjusted in line with the relevant requirements – high pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn soiling, whilst low pressure guarantees the complete wetting of all the wash items. As a result, the consumption of water and energy remains particularly low with optimum wash pressure at all times.

Patented* in-door salt container

Ergonomic convenience: The in-door salt container is particularly easy to fill.
Patent: EP 1 457 153 B1Patent: EP 1 457 153 B1

Load carriers - direct connection

The direct connection guarantees the precise feed-in of water and drying air (in appliances with hot air drying) and the economical use of resources.

Ethernet interface

The Ethernet interface enables cable-supported communication in the local network.

RS 232 serial interface

The serial interface facilitates the exchange of data with other appliances, e.g. for process documentation.

WLAN interface

The WiFi interface is ideal for wireless local and network-enabled communication (e.g. for the transfer of data for documentation purposes).
 Water connection

Efficient hot water connection

Connection to the warm water supply saves a lot of time and energy.

DI water connection

Thanks to the connection for fully demineralised water (DI water), these washer-disinfectors and thermal disinfectors facilitate optimum reprocessing results. Carrying out the final rinse with DI water also protects valuable wash items from deposits and corrosion.
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PG 8581 [AD LD]Thermal disinfector

with AD water connection, liquid dispensing & EcoDry function.

PG 8591 [WW AD]Thermal disinfector

with hot and AD water connection, liquid dispensing & DryPlus hot air drying.

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