PG 8583 [WW AD LD OIL] - Laboratory dishwasher

PG 8583 [WW AD LD OIL]
Laboratory dishwasher with AD water connection, liquid dispensing, EcoDry function & oil seals.

  • Perf./cycle, e.g. 128 laboratory flasks

    Further stacking options

    Alternatively, 98 pipettes can be reprocessed per cycle with further laboratory glassware.
  • Efficient use of resources - variable speed heater pump

    The heart of perfect results

    In the individual programmes the speed of the pump and thus the wash pressure is adjusted in line with the relevant requirements – high pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn soiling, whilst low pressure guarantees the complete wetting of all the wash items. As a result, the consumption of water and energy remains particularly low with optimum wash pressure at all times.
  • Safety through monitoring - wash pressure and spray arm monitoring

    For a reliable result

    Outstanding preparation results are achieved because the jet pressure and spray arms are monitored continuously and a decline in jet pressure or load blockage is detected immediately
  • Convenient drying support - EcoDry


    At the end of the reprocessing programme the machine door opens automatically as soon as the temperature in the wash cabinet has fallen below 70 °C, thanks to the AutoOpen function. This allows residual moisture to escape easily from the wash cabinet and the washed items to dry more quickly.
  • Total security - link to process documentation possible

    End-to-end documentation

    The optional addition of a module for process documentation is provided via a communication slot. The Ethernet module is used for documentation via software. The RS 232 module must be used for documentation within a USB solution or via a printer.
EAN: 4002515565308 / Article no. 62858341GB / Mat. no. 10096840

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