Data protection

Data protection

Miele's policy on data protection

Miele does not collect personal data without your knowledge.

1. Handling of personal data

Miele stores your personal data such as name, address, email address, telephone and fax number exclusively for the purpose for which you make your data available (e.g. for the processing of requests for information, applications or orders, the ordering of brochures or the dispatch of newsletters). We use these data to help us provide and constantly improve the corresponding information and service offering that you requested. Your personal data will be used only within the Miele Group and by our business partners to whom we delegate the fulfilment of your requests. Miele conscientiously protects your personal data. In principle, our claim is that we collect, process and use your personal data in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations.

2. Technologies 

Miele uses Internet technologies (e.g. cookies, Java script) exclusively for the purpose of making the operation of Internet applications easier for you. For this purpose this website uses Google Analytics and Google DoubleClick cookies (Floodlights).

Google Analytics (web analysis service) are used to analyse the use of this website. To accomplish this, reports about your website activities are compiled for Miele, so that Miele can tailor its Internet offerings to your requirements.
The collected data is only analysed for statistical purposes and in anonymised form. Google Analytics accomplishes this by shortening the IP address. Under no circumstances will Google link your shortened IP address with any other Google data. DoubleClick cookies do not contain any personal data. From time to time the cookie contains an additional, anonymised identifier, in order to identify a campaign which a user has been in contact with before. It is impossible that conclusions could be drawn about the web behaviour of a specific person.

For the purpose of marketing and optimisation, the products and services of WiredMinds ( are used on this web site. Data are collected, processed and stored from which pseudonymous user profiles are created. Where it is possible and makes sense, the user profiles are fully anonymised. This is where cookies can be used. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor's internet browser and that help in the recognition of the internet browser. The data collected, which can also include personal data, are transmitted to WiredMinds or directly collected by WiredMinds. WiredMinds may use information that has been left behind on the website to create anonymised user profiles. The data collected are not used to personally identify the visitor to this website without the separately granted authorisation of the person affected and they are not mixed with personal data via the bearer of the pseudonym. Insofar as IP addresses are collected, these are anonymised immediately following collection by the deletion of the last number block. Data collection, processing and storage can be refused at any time to take effect in the future. In section 3 you can object to any further future recording of your visitor sessions for web analysis. This function is cookie-based and thus browser-dependent.

3. Objection to tracking web analysis (opt-out)

You may object to future tracking analysis at any time or deactivate the DoubleClick cookie. You can download and install the upgrade for your browser from the corresponding Google websites. If you are using several terminal devices or browsers, you must perform the opt-out for each terminal device or browser.
Google Analytics:
DoubleClick-Cookie (Floodlight):
Wired Minds:

4. Safety 

Miele guarantees that your personal data is protected from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation, unauthorised access and unauthorised disclosure.

5. Links to other websites 

Links that are present on the Miele pages may lead to the websites of other companies. Miele is not responsible for their content and data privacy strategies.

6. Questions regarding data privacy 

If you have questions, comments or complaints concerning Miele data protection, please contact our data protection officer ( .

7. Further development of the Internet / Data protection strategy 

Further development of the Internet will naturally influence our data privacy strategy. If modifications become necessary, we will inform you on this site in a timely manner.

The website of Miele Company Limited may contain links to websites of other providers. Every initial connection of a linked website is checked for unlawful contents. Miele Company Limited is not responsible for external contents that can be accessed via such links. However, if Miele Company Limited determines or is made aware of the fact that a website displays unlawful contents, the reference to the link will be removed as quickly as possible.


Information on cookies

1. What are "cookies"?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or terminal device when you use our web pages.

In principle, there are two types of cookies:

1.1. Temporary cookies: These types of cookies are stored temporarily on your computer or terminal device during your visit to our web pages and are subsequently deleted.

1.2. Permanent cookies: These cookies, as described under point 2, remain on your computer for a longer period of time.

2. This is how we use cookies

In general, Miele only uses different Internet technologies (e.g. cookies, Java script) to facilitate the operation of the Miele Internet applications for you and to optimise them based on anonymised, stored user data. This means:

2.1. To identify you when you log in at our webshop and to ensure that valid security standards that have been optimised for you are adhered to in this process.

2.2. To bookmark products for us that you have added to your shopping cart or wish list.

2.3. To show you the number of products you added to the shopping cart or wish list on the website.

2.4. To bookmark the language you used during your session for us to make navigating our sites easier for you.

2.5. For data analysis, such as analysis of the number of visitors to our web pages or the most frequently visited web pages. We use the analysis results to optimise our website. This website uses Google web analysis services. You can find additional information regarding the use of Google web analysis services under the tab "data privacy."

3. Administration of cookies

In most browser menus you can find settings options for the use of cookies. Generally, a browser is equipped with the following settings options:

3.1. View cookies

3.2. Allow cookies

3.3. Disable all or specific cookies

3.4. Disable all cookies when the browser is closed

3.5. Block cookies

3.6. Notification if a cookie is used

3.7. Objection to tracking web analysis (opt-out)

Please note: If you chose to block our cookies in your browser settings you will not be able to use certain areas of our web pages and the functions listed under points 2.1. - 2.4. are not guaranteed. This may have a negative impact on your surfing experience. If you select the option "delete all cookies" in your browser, your browser preferences will be deleted when you close your browser. If you do not block the use of cookies in your browser settings our system will send cookies as soon as you visit one of our web pages.

In general, the current definition of cookies and their use applies, such as defined by the IETF Community, for example.