For reprocessing of laboratory glassware

For more than four decades Miele Professional has set innovative milestones in the efficient and safe reprocessing of laboratory glassware. The washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional have set the benchmark for the centralised and decentralised reprocessing of large quantities of laboratory glassware with perfect added value: More cleaning power, more process safety and more efficiency.
System4Lab – everything from a single source
With System4Lab Miele Professional offers a comprehensive system for the effective and economical reprocessing of laboratory glassware. Based on many years of experience and in close consultation with experts in the field, System4Lab covers all the major aspects of reprocessing: powerful appliances, perfectly integrated chemical agents, nationwide customer service and comprehensive advisory service by experts in our in-house application laboratory. Technology and know-how come from the same source and therefore are perfectly integrated with each other. The result is an analytically pure, particularly seamless, gentle and economic reprocessing process. And administration time is also optimised, since, in all aspects from machine technology to planning and financing, Miele is always at your side as a competent source of advice.
Manual versus machine reprocessing
Any handling of laboratory glassware harbours a potential danger for laboratory personnel. Broken glass from manual cleaning, for instance, can cause serious injuries. Infectious and toxic contaminants pose a serious health risk. The cleaning agents used are often very caustic.

Only the machine reprocessing of laboratory glassware and utensils can be standardised, validated and automatically documented. Because the washer-disinfectors remain locked throughout the whole process and the whole process runs automatically, any potential danger for laboratory personnel is reduced to a minimum. In this way, maximum protection is achieved for personnel during machine reprocessing.
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