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Miele MOVE. Your professional solution for digitalisation in laundries and dry cleaners.

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Lean processes. Ideal results. Digitalised laundry technology.

Professional laundry is about meeting the highest cleanliness expectations. Miele MOVE helps you to combine top-class results with optimum economic efficiency. The platform optimises operating processes, reduces downtimes, and helps you to improve your capacity planning and keep an eye on your running costs.

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Short response times


In a busy laundry time spent running around and waiting costs your business money – especially when faults occur. Miele MOVE automatically informs you of the status of your machines alerting your teams and notifying technicians automatically when your machines display errors. This way, Miele MOVE speeds up processes, boosts your productivity and reduces your operating costs.

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Secure documentation

Operating data logging and programme history

Top-class washing results can only be guaranteed if the right programmes can be used for certain types of fabric. Miele MOVE helps you by digitally documenting your machine runs: the platform records, archives and exports relevant programme data and maps performance parameters. As a result, you are able to prove that the right programmes are used and successfully completed at all times.

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In-depth reports

Machine status

To make sure that your laundry is used to its full potential, you need to know the status of your machines at all times. Miele MOVE offers in-depth information on each connected washer: performance and programme data, capacity levels, frequency of use. Incidents likes faults are visible from a central location, enabling your team to respond straight away. This helps you to save time, improve the management of your smart washing machines and tumble dryers, and receive accurate reports.

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Direct service contact

Service optimisation

Miele MOVE reduces downtimes of laundry machines: the digital platform automatically delivers in-depth fault reports, which you can then e-mail directly to Miele or a certified Miele service partner. Technicians will receive all the relevant information on errors before inspecting the machine, enabling them to bring the right spare parts to you or assist you in managing the fault. This speeds up the technical support process and increases the chances of successful repairs.

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Full planning security

Overview of consumption

Professional laundry costs need to be kept under control. Miele MOVE keeps you informed about water consumption, programme running times, usage rates, and downtimes: all areas that help to cut your running costs and deliver your sustainability objectives.. The digital platform provides a transparent overview and helps you to use resources more efficiently and plan capacities further in advance.

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Optimised usage

Analysis of machine performance

Using machines to their full capacity sets your laundry services up for success. Miele MOVE analyses machine usage and frequency rates. The platform  provides accessible visual summaries of all relevant data related to machines status and running programmes This enables you to identify trends on machine performance and adjust your machine management accordingly.

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