A hand in a rubber glove is holding a glass sample container in a laboratory environment.

Miele MOVE: the digitalisation solution for laboratory glasswashers from Miele Professional.

Efficient management for the machines, data and processes in your laboratory.

Hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely crucial to the work in your laboratory. So, the demands placed on laboratory glasswashers could not be greater: demands that can be checked digitally at any time in the Laboratory 4.0. Miele MOVE helps you to keep an eye on and document cleaning functions and economic efficiency at all times.

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Secure documentation

Process data logging and program history

High standards of hygiene apply when cleaning laboratory glassware. Miele MOVE helps you to review and document the special programmes in place for this purpose with its in-depth process data logging feature: an important function for your laboratory as it can provide you with valuable proof of hygiene compliance and is much more extensive than traditional functions for logging operating data. For instance, Miele MOVE documents, archives and exports all relevant programme data and also maps performance parameters.

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Short response times


Many laboratory-based activities are extremely time-sensitive; downtimes and faults can put results at risk. Miele MOVE automatically informs you of the status of your machines. As such, your team will be notified directly about programme sequences or technicians can be alerted about interruptions. This speeds up processes, boosts productivity and reduces operating costs.

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Direct service contact

Service optimisation

Laboratory glasswashers play a key role in a laboratory’s hygiene processes. Miele MOVE reduces downtimes: the digital platform automatically delivers in-depth reports, which you can then e-mail straight to Miele or an authorised Miele service partner. As a result, the technical team will receive all the relevant information, enabling them to bring the right spare parts with them, for instance. This avoids any further enquiries and speeds up the repair process.

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Intuitive user interface

Dashboard & widgets

Miele MOVE makes managing your compatible laboratory glasswashers convenient and secure. A clearly structured dashboard, customisable widgets and self-explanatory symbols make sure that you can concentrate on your work now that you can check the hygiene status with a single glance.

Miele MOVE – Our compatible machines

For all laboratories that require a high standard of hygiene.

Start benefiting today from the wide range of functions in Miele MOVE and use our Free package free of charge. No trial periods, no hidden costs. With the Starter and Advanced packages, you can use additional advantages generated by digitalising your laboratory glasswashers, which even large laboratories can enjoy.