Miele service technician checks commercial machine using measuring device.

Maintenance & Services

Preventive services by Miele Professional

It is our aim to always resolve any faults as quickly as possible. However, preventive maintenance is essential to stop these from occurring in the first place. Miele Professional products have a long service life, but just like your car, they need to be checked regularly. We can offer you a broad range of services for this.

Holistic service for durable and reliable machines

Whether planning a new building or modifying an existing one, Miele consultants will accompany every step of the process, from profitability calculations and construction planning to partner integration, installation and maintenance.

Service technician opens lid of a Miele Professional commercial washing machine
Highest level of operational safety

Miele Customer Service offers regular maintenance checks for your appliances, in order to guarantee you maximum operational safety. This means that potential faults can be identified and dealt with in advance. In addition, it also means that the operational parameters of the machines can be optimised on an ongoing basis.

Service technician peers into the honeycomb drum of a commercial washing machine
Excellent durability

In line with our philosophy of "Immer besser" we guarantee the highest quality and production standards with our brand "Made in Germany". Miele Professional stands for the reliability of its products like no other manufacturer. Through regular tests that are carried out by our trained customer service technicians you can rest assured that your investment will maintain its value.

Postman hands over package with Miele Professional spare parts to recipient
Individual delivery

Even at delivery Miele is there to support you with comprehensive service offerings. These are carefully carried out right from the start, taking into account the local conditions and any statutory provisions. It is only through the optimum configuration of the appliances to your individual needs and the local conditions that perfect results can be guaranteed.


Miele Professional offers you the right solution for every need – as well for maintenance and service. If you have any question or need individual advice do not hesitate to contact Miele service team.