PWM 307 [EL DP] - Performance

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Excellent spin performance

Intensive dewatering for high energy efficiency

The exceptional product quality of Miele washing machines enables spinning with a very high g-factor. This reduces the residual moisture of the garments to a minimum, thereby saving valuable energy in the subsequent drying process.
Efficient drum rib technology

Perfect results

The special scoop ribs in the honeycomb drum scoop up water and transport it to the top of the drum during the wash cycle. This technique means that the textiles are wetted more thoroughly and for longer. Despite using less water, the textiles are soaked to the optimum degree – providing the ideal conditions for achieving excellent wash results.
Exclusive to Miele
Honeycomb drum with perforated drum rear panel

Perfect wash results

The patented Miele honeycomb drum with its sculptured surface has always set the very highest standards in laundry care. Now it is even better than ever before: carefully positioned openings in the back of the drum ensure wetting and dewatering within an even shorter space of time. With these features, perfect wash results are achieved in no time at all.
EcoSpeed – patented wash rhythm*European patent: EP 1354997 B1

A new balance of mechanical action and water usage

The EcoSpeed wash process features an optimised drum rhythm. Working at a low speed, the scoop ribs take in a large amount of water, which wets the laundry intensively from above. The speed is then increased gradually and the laundry is pressed against the drum wall. The reinforced mechanical action enables intensive cleaning performance with less water.
3-dimensional imbalance monitoring

Spinning at a professional standard

The 3D imbalance monitoring guarantees consistent residual moisture values. As well as this, it reduces the strain exerted on the suspension system and drum bearings – a significant factor in the washing machines achieving long service lives.