PIB 100 [EL] - Perfect ironing results

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Exclusive to Miele
SoftCare iron with patented honeycomb soleplate* European patent: EP 2 233 632 B1 


The benefits of the Miele honeycomb drum and EasyFold ironing table are now being used on the steam ironing system. With the patented honeycomb soleplate*, the steam is distributed differently than with conventional irons: lightning-fast through the small channels between the honeycombs, across the entire soleplate. The steam film produced allows the SoftCare iron to glide effortlessly and gently, yet effectively over the laundry. European patent: EP 2 233 632 B1 
Lots of steam 

Steam delivery plays a key role 

With up to  bar steam pressure and a consistent output of  g/minute you can achieve professional ironing results with the steam ironing system. The dry steam penetrates even the thickest material and delivers outstanding finished results. You decide whether to work with bursts of steam or continuous steam by pressing the steam button on the iron. 
Active ironing board 

Convenience functions for easier ironing 

The inflation function ensures that items are ironed very gently and the suction function has a more intensive steam application and extracts steam effectively. The steam button on the iron starts the inflation or suction function and turns it off automatically if you take a break. The memory function saves the last setting and resumes with this when steam is next used.
The ironing board heats up automatically to prevent condensation building up. 
Attachable non-stick soleplate 

Extremely gentle 

From artificial fibres to printed and extremely delicate fabrics – with Miele’s steam ironing system you can handle any type of challenge. For extra gentle care, use the optional, attachable non-stick soleplate, which can be used directly on the garment. It protects dark fabrics from shiny spots with its Teflon coating, without having to iron fabrics inside out. 
Practical inflation function 

Extremely gentle 

For anything that needs to be smoothed but not pressed, the steam ironing system ironing board offers an inflation function. The fan creates an air pocket between the garment and the ironing board so that shirts, cashmere pullovers and workwear keep their shape. This also helps to prevent unwanted creases. 
Powerful steamer 

Shape is regained quickly 

Unsightly creases in your jacket, blazer or curtains are easily resolved with the optional steamer. It weighs only half as much as the iron but uses the same steam pressure and steam quantity. The brush attachment raises the fabric’s fibres and maintains an ideal distance from the garment. The steamer can also be used when the steam ironing system is folded up to save space.