PIB 100 [EL] - Quality

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High-quality ironing board cover 

For perfect ironing results 

The ironing board cover is treated using a special process, making it highly heat-resistant and durable. Excellent steam permeability keeps ironing performance at its peak and makes your everyday ironing tasks easier. Not only that, but the professional surface also provides the perfect grip for all kinds of fabrics.
A drawstring provides an easy way to fasten the cover to the ironing board without creases. 
Exclusive to Miele
Long descaling interval 

Diamond-Like Carbon coating

The steam system needs to be descaled regularly to ensure the appliance has a long service life. The boiler features a special Diamond-Like Carbon coating that is designed to extend the descaling interval significantly. This means that there is no need to perform descaling until a flow rate of around 80 l of water or 20 working days has been reached (depending on the water hardness).