PIB 100 [EL] - User convenience

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Ironing multi-layered items 

Reduces ironing 

Save time and effort! With the steam ironing system, multi-layered and bulky items must now only be ironed on one side, not on both. The large quantity of steam and high steam pressure mean that even thicker fabrics, such as work uniforms or denim, only have to be ironed on one side while still being smoothed perfectly on the other. 

Variable height adjustment 

With convenient and infinitely variable height adjustment, you can set the ironing board exactly to your individual working height thanks to the ErgoLift system. Using the built-in gas pressure stay, you can select exactly the right height for you between 83 and 102 cm.
Exclusive to Miele
Guided commissioning 

Commissioning made easy 

Prior to the first use of the steam ironing system, the appliance will guide you through the most important settings. You only select the language for the appliance information and set the water hardness. The appliance now automatically selects the optimum descaling interval. This ensures that your ironing system is maintained and lasts a long time. 
Exclusive to Miele
Guided descaling 

Effective descaling based on water hardness 

Once you have selected the water hardness before the first use, the appliance automatically determines the required descaling interval for ensuring maximum durability, and reminds you to descale in a timely manner.
You start the descaling programme by simply pressing a button. The display asks you to fill a suitable descaler and then starts automatically. 
Automatic rinsing 

For consistent performance 

Mineral residue left behind by the evaporation process must be regularly removed by rinsing the steam generator to ensure consistent appliance performance. The steam ironing system calculates rinse intervals automatically based on the volume of water evaporated. The rinsing process will then commence automatically immediately after the ironing system is switched on. All you need to do is empty the residual water container.
Exclusive to Miele
1-2 lift system

No effort required

Two easy steps to set up, requiring little or no effort at all! With the patented* 1-2 lift system, the entire appliance, consisting of an iron, steam generator and ironing board, can be set up in two easy steps. Simply release and pull up – and you’re done! Patent: EP 2 169 108 B1 
Practical rollers 

Easy to transport 

The steam ironing system stands firmly and independently even when folded up, and can be positioned anywhere you wish. With its soft rollers, the entire system can be moved effortlessly and follows you wherever you go. It takes carpet edges, doorways and even the odd step or two in its stride. 

Large ironing board 

With a 120 x 40 cm ironing board, there is even sufficient space for long trouser legs. The ComfortZone at the narrow end of the ironing board is designed for you to iron the entire front of a shirt or pair of overalls in a single process without having to re-position the shoulder area. A great time-saving feature. 
Practical storage compartments 

Everything in its right place 

2 accessory compartments ensure this tidy look: the iron and cable holders disappear into the compartment under the iron rest. The second compartment is in the appliance base. Here the mains cable, optional non-stick soleplate, optional steamer and other accessories are stored away securely. 
Practical steam hose holder 

More ironing freedom 

No disruptive hose during ironing. The steam hose is attached to the steam hose holder to allow free movement during ironing.