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Variable speed heater pump**Patent: EP 1 047 334 B2Patent: EP 1 247 993 B1

The heart of perfect results

The variable-speed heater pump is the heart of Miele Professional’s washer-disinfectors and is a particularly unique sfeature. The speed of the pump and thus the wash pressure is adjusted for individual programme blocks – high pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn soiling, while low pressure guarantees complete wetting of the whole load.
EcoDry via patented AutoOpen function*Patent: DE 102 007 008 950 B4

Convenient drying support

At the end of the reprocessing programme the machine door opens automatically as soon as the temperature in the wash cabinet has fallen below 70 °C, thanks to the AutoOpen function. This allows residual moisture to escape easily from the wash cabinet and the washed items dry more quickly.
Optimum cleaning performance


Washer-disinfectors from Miele achieve optimum reprocessing results in an exceptionally wide range of applications. This is facilitated through the combination of innovative and tried-and-tested characteristics, from perfectly aligned wash pressure to design-optimised baskets and particle filters to spray arm monitoring and, last but not least, through specific wash programmes for all the different areas of application.
Optimum wash pressure

Clean results

The pressure with which the wash water is passed through the spray arms and the injector nozzles is vital for reliable and economical reprocessing. High pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn stains, whilst low pressure ensures the complete wetting of the wash items. Washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional combine both advantages with a wash pressure that is tailored to individual needs.
Integrated water softener

Cleaner results

Minerals in tap water can hinder the cleaning
process and cause deposits to form on
instruments. Miele thermal disinfectors are fitted ex works with a water softener which removes the bulk of ions
from tap water which cause water hardness. In the case of extremely hard
water and in practices using large amounts of instruments,
additional complete demineralisation may make sound
economic sense.
Low consumption values

Highest level of efficiency

Thanks to innovative technology, highly developed procedures and comprehensive system solutions, Miele Professional appliances achieve outstanding reprocessing results with the minimum consumption of water, energy and chemical agents.
Short batch times

More efficiency

The Miele Professional washer-disinfectors reprocess demanding batches quickly and reliably. Their high-performance wash technology guarantees that complex hollow instruments and laboratory glassware can be safely reprocessed at a high wash pressure. In combination with two loading levels and highly sophisticated controls, seamless work operations are possible even with a high turnover of instruments.
Crevice-free wash cabinet

Seamlessly welded

The entirely new wash cabinet developed by Miele Professional sets new standards in hygiene. The wash cabinet is seamlessly welded using laser technology and its smooth joints provide no chance for dirt deposit build-up. Thus the adhesion of blood or other stains is prevented. A plus for hygiene is achieved by installing the heating elements outside the wash cabinet.
Spray arm pressure monitoring

Safety through controls

A variety of factors, such as a faulty basket connection or an excessive build-up of foam, can lead to a reduction in the wash pressure. Monitoring the wash pressure in the washer-disinfector guarantees optimum process operations, so that the appliance always produces reliable reprocessing results.
Spray arm monitoring

Safety through controls

For optimum cleaning and disinfection results the rotation speed of the spray arm must always lie in a prescribed interval. Through the contact-free monitoring of all appliance and basket spray arms problems, such as the build-up of foam or a blocked wash item, can be detected in good time. Thus spray-arm monitoring contributes to the reliable reproduction of the validated reprocessing quality.