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Vario TD

Hygienically clean

Vario TD, which was introduced in 1994 by Miele, is today the standard programme for instrument reprocessing. Typical protein soiling (e.g. blood, secretions) are thoroughly removed in a non-denaturing temperature range before disinfection is carried out at a gentle material processing temperature of 93 °C.
Variable speed heater pump**Patent: EP 1 047 334 B2Patent: EP 1 247 993 B1

The heart of perfect results

The variable-speed heater pump is the heart of Miele Professional’s washer-disinfectors and is a particularly unique sfeature. The speed of the pump and thus the wash pressure is adjusted for individual programme blocks – high pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn soiling, while low pressure guarantees complete wetting of the whole load.
EcoDry via patented AutoOpen function*Patent: DE 102 007 008 950 B4

Convenient drying support

At the end of the reprocessing programme the machine door opens automatically as soon as the temperature in the wash cabinet has fallen below 70 °C, thanks to the AutoOpen function. This allows residual moisture to escape easily from the wash cabinet and the washed items dry more quickly.
Value retaining material protection

Your wash items in the best hands

The washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional achieve outstanding reprocessing results whilst protecting the valuable wash items to the greatest degree possible. This is primarily facilitated through the numerous user-specific programmes that have been tested and recommended by leading instrument and laboratory glassware manufacturers.
Perfect hollow body cleaning

Completely clean

Lumened instruments with a complex design, in particular those used in minimally invasive surgery or robot-assisted surgery, narrow-lumened laboratory glassware as well as transmission instruments, place particular demands on machine reprocessing. For optimum results, the washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional offer an intelligent system combining optimised wash technology, user-specific load carriers and tailor-made programmes.
Optimum cleaning performance


Washer-disinfectors from Miele achieve optimum reprocessing results in an exceptionally wide range of applications. This is facilitated through the combination of innovative and tried-and-tested characteristics, from perfectly aligned wash pressure to design-optimised baskets and particle filters to spray arm monitoring and, last but not least, through specific wash programmes for all the different areas of application.
Optimum wash pressure

Clean results

The pressure with which the wash water is passed through the spray arms and the injector nozzles is vital for reliable and economical reprocessing. High pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn stains, whilst low pressure ensures the complete wetting of the wash items. Washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional combine both advantages with a wash pressure that is tailored to individual needs.
Integrated water softener

Cleaner results

Minerals in tap water can hinder the cleaning
process and cause deposits to form on
instruments. Miele thermal disinfectors are fitted ex works with a water softener which removes the bulk of ions
from tap water which cause water hardness. In the case of extremely hard
water and in practices using large amounts of instruments,
additional complete demineralisation may make sound
economic sense.