PG 8581 [AD LD] - Quality

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Easy-to-service construction

Simple access to the machine

For planned maintenance and servicing, and in the event of a fault: The easier it is for the technician to install important components inside the machine the quicker the machine will be back up and running. For this reason Miele Professional is keen to encourage simplicity in the design of its appliances from the development stage onwards, as this facilitates easy access and quick servicing.
Crevice-free wash cabinet

Seamlessly welded

The entirely new wash cabinet developed by Miele Professional sets new standards in hygiene. The wash cabinet is seamlessly welded using laser technology and its smooth joints provide no chance for dirt deposit build-up. Thus the adhesion of blood or other stains is prevented. A plus for hygiene is achieved by installing the heating elements outside the wash cabinet.
Heater elements outside the wash cabinet

Hygienic and practical

The heating elements installed outside the wash chamber offer additional hygiene. This means one less chance for germs to become lodged in crevices and removes the danger that plastic parts falling out of baskets could burn.