PG 8581 [AD LD] - Safety

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Spray arm pressure monitoring

Safety through controls

A variety of factors, such as a faulty basket connection or an excessive build-up of foam, can lead to a reduction in the wash pressure. Monitoring the wash pressure in the washer-disinfector guarantees optimum process operations, so that the appliance always produces reliable reprocessing results.
Spray arm monitoring

Safety through controls

For optimum cleaning and disinfection results the rotation speed of the spray arm must always lie in a prescribed interval. Through the contact-free monitoring of all appliance and basket spray arms problems, such as the build-up of foam or a blocked wash item, can be detected in good time. Thus spray-arm monitoring contributes to the reliable reproduction of the validated reprocessing quality.
Waterproof System (WPS)

Protection against flooding

The Waterproof System protects against water damage with a dual solenoid valve at the stopcock. If the first valve does not close, the second one interrupts the water intake. The double skinned inlet hose provides the highest level of protection: In the event of damage to the inner hose, water flows through the outer sleeve into the sump. Intelligent sensor technology detects leaks and in an emergency also stops the intake of water.
Process documentation

End-to-end documentation

The complete minuting and documentation of all the reprocessing processes ensures the highest level of safety for patients and users. Miele Professional offers numerous documentation solutions for every need. In addition, the analysis of the recorded process data facilitates the effective optimisation of the entire reprocessing operation.