PG 8581 [AD LD] - Efficiency and sustainability

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Integrated dispenser pump

Optimum dosage

Miele Professional washer-disinfectors, thermal disinfectors and lab washers are equipped with one or more integrated dispenser pumps ex works. Media such as cleaning or neutralisation agents can therefore be dispensed fully automatically and precisely from a container.
Low consumption values

Highest level of efficiency

Thanks to innovative technology, highly developed procedures and comprehensive system solutions, Miele Professional appliances achieve outstanding reprocessing results with the minimum consumption of water, energy and chemical agents.
Short batch times

More efficiency

The Miele Professional washer-disinfectors reprocess demanding batches quickly and reliably. Their high-performance wash technology guarantees that complex hollow instruments and laboratory glassware can be safely reprocessed at a high wash pressure. In combination with two loading levels and highly sophisticated controls, seamless work operations are possible even with a high turnover of instruments.
High capacity:

Generous chamber

Miele Professional appliances convince thanks to their need-adapted capacity for every user. All wash and pressure chambers have generous volumes for each of the performance classes. The comprehensive range of load carriers for every area of use facilitates the efficient use of this space.
Low consumption of resources


Miele Professional washer-disinfectors combine high performance and economy. These appliances operate with modern and particularly efficient wash technology thanks to a variable-speed heater pump and optimised spray arms, and provide the user with numerous application-specific programmes. In this way, outstanding cleaning results are achieved with the minimum consumption of resources.