A 105/1

Upper basket

Height adjustable, without injector nozzles, for various instruments.

  • Right-hand side: space for 22 injectors
    Suitable for the reprocessing of various lumened instruments, as well as transmission instruments, in combination with the A 803 holder, which is available to purchase separately, as well as suction devices.
    Lumened instruments can only be cleaned with the A 836 nozzle set (for dental instruments) or the A 837 irrigation sleeve set (for ENT instruments), both of which are available to purchase separately.
  • Left-hand side free for inserts
    H 225 +/- 30 mm
    W 360 mm
    D 445 mm
    A depth of 460 mm is available on the left-hand side across a width of 215 mm.
  • Active internal drying of lumened instruments
  • Active inner drying of dental handpieces
  • A 800 tubular filter can be used in both injector manifolds
    Tubular filter
    Tubular filter: the large-surface central filter in the upper basket provides optimum protection against clogging for transmission instruments. The filter can be reprocessed.
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    Product benefits
    Product benefits
    Central filter
    To maintain the quality of delicate instruments.
    Maximum protection for hollow body instruments: The reusable central filter retains particles reliably.
    Product details
    A 105/1
    EAN 4002515941157 / Article number 69610501D / Material number 10777260

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