Perfect Results Every Time with Miele's New Ovens including Food Probe

17.03.2021 17.03.2021

Premium domestic appliance manufacturer, Miele is always one step ahead when it comes to precision cooking technology.  Its Generation 7000 range of cooking appliances allow home cooks to create restaurant-style results, every day.  Joining the range are two new ovens; the H 7162 BP and H 7262 BP built-in models which both include a wired food probe to ensure that weekday joints and the Sunday roast will always be cooked to perfection. What's more, the new ovens are offered at a lower price than the models already available with Miele's food probe, ensuring they are accessible to all budgets.


Available in a fingerprint-resistant CleanSteel finish, the new A+ rated Miele ContourLine H 7162 BP built-in oven comes with DirectSensor S clear text display and sensor controls, food probe and automatic pyrolytic cleaning at high temperatures. The food probe enables users to cook by core temperature rather than guesswork and is perfect for meat, fish and poultry. There is no need to keep a watchful eye on the cooking process, as the food probe is simply inserted into the protein of choice, remains there throughout cooking, then sounds an alarm when the pre-set temperature is reached. From a leg of lamb on Sunday through to a whole salmon mid-week or a roast chicken for Saturday night, every dish will be cooked to perfection. Automatic programmes limit guesswork to help achieve effortless results – simply select the item to cook from the menu and the oven will do the rest.  The oven has a 76 litre capacity over five levels to allow plenty of space for savoury and sweet dishes to cook at the same time. The oven is also easy to use with Miele’s FlexiClip telescopic runners that enable effortless and safe access to food, even heavy cookware and baking trays. Ideal for families, the outside of the oven remains relatively cool to touch while a safety lock and safety switch-off provide added peace of mind.


The A+ energy rated PureLine H 7262 BP built-in oven from Miele offers the same features and functions with DirectSensor S clear text display, pyrolytic cleaning, automatic programmes and a wired food probe for perfect results every time. This 76 litre oven also comes with Miele’s FlexiClip telescopic runners, timer functions that allow users to programme the start and end time for cooking, a SoftOpen and SoftClose door for gentle movement and a fingerprint-resistant CleanSteel finish that looks as good as it performs. The nine cooking functions also allow for all cooking methods and include Auto Roast, Fan Plus, Eco Fan Heat, Full Grill, Conventional Heat, Bottom Heat, Defrosting, Intensive Bake and Fan Grill.


Cem Kal, product manager for kitchens at Miele GB says, “As well as offering the convenience and cooking precision of the food probe, our new ovens are extremely eco-friendly with A+ energy ratings and a variety of features to make cooking more efficient, both in terms of energy and time. We're proud that Miele's ovens use 49% less energy than the most efficient model 20 years ago, helped by our Residual Heat Utilisation function which ensures energy is not used excessively, while settings such as Eco-Fan make it possible to cook incredible bakes and succulent roasts to perfection while being energy efficient.”

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