Cook Like a Pro with Miele's New Induction Hobs featuring TempControl and New CookAssist Technology

17.03.20211 17.03.2021

Premium appliance manufacturer, Miele has launched four induction hobs featuring its new CookAssist function, which works in tandem with its exclusive TempControl technology to ensure perfect results every time.


Key Highlights of the New Induction Hobs

NEW CookAssist

With the new CookAssist function on the Miele@mobile app, users are guided from start to finish while cooking a range of dishes, from steak and salmon fillets to blueberry pancakes.  Accessible via a smartphone or tablet, step-by-step instructions accompanied with helpful photos make it easier than ever to follow a recipe, while ensuring the pan is heated to the precise temperature the dish requires thanks to the intelligent TempControl sensor.


Users will have access to a range of free 30-minute recipes with additional recipes launching continuously.



TempControl guarantees perfect cooking results by using three patented sensors to detect the temperature of the food in the pan, the base of the pan and also the material composition of the base of the pan. The sensors constantly relay this information during the cooking process to ensure the food is being cooked at a consistent temperature by adjusting the heat accordingly to prevent overcooking.  Three frying settings along with a simmer setting are available with no need to re-adjust the power levels.


TempControl offers the perfect solution for batch cooking pancakes on a Sunday morning, or for reducing sauces while intensifying the flavours thanks to the consistent temperature of the pan throughout the cooking process.



Concentrated power boost for short heat-up times: the exclusive Miele TwinBooster function allows greater flexibility when cooking as the induction power can be targeted to where it's needed. When required, the power output of two cooking zones can be combined and used on one single zone, allowing users to heat three litres of water in less than five minutes; quicker than boiling the kettle.


Miele SmartSelect controls are quick and intuitive, allowing for the power levels of the cooking zones to be quickly and easily adjusted. Miele SmartSelect controls also have light sensors, making it safe to alter the settings even with wet hands. Each cooking zone has a numerical display which can be individually selected with yellow backlighting.


Con@ctivity 3.0

The new TempControl induction hobs feature the latest Con@ctivity 3.0 technology which enables the hob to wirelessly communicate with a Miele cooker hood. The settings selected on the hob are transmitted to the controls on the cooker hood, which then uses this data to automatically select the correct fan setting to ensure the optimum room climate at all times.

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