The Miele Fashion Master

Drawing on Miele’s expertise in the field of laundry care and dedication to developing the very best appliances, the Miele Fashion Master (1826) delivers fantastic results thanks to a powerful four bar steam pressure, innovative design and ease of use.

Designed and tested for 2500 operating hours, the Miele Fashion Master features an ActiveCare steam ironing board with an XL ironing surface and comfort zone. A two-speed fan is integrated into the ironing board for steam extraction and inflation. Steam extraction ensures that steam thoroughly penetrates textiles, prevents condensation on the ironing table and fixes items, stopping them from slipping. The inflation creates an air cushion between the item being ironed and the board, which helps to stop seams and hems from leaving an impression on fabrics. The fan automatically starts and stops as required and thanks to a memory function it remembers the last direction of rotation.

The honeycomb soleplate of the SoftCare Iron features a hexagonal sculptured pattern similar to the Miele honeycomb drum. The hexagons are slightly convex, creating a network of steam distribution channels across the entire soleplate, which allows the iron to glide effortless over your garments for perfect ironing results. A Steamer attachment is also available, priced at £150, which lets you, smooth hanging garments, such as dresses and jackets. Lighter than the hand iron, the Steamer has a soft rubber ring that raises the fabric pile and automatically maintains the optimum distance from your clothes.

The Miele Fashion Master is easy to set up and fold away thanks to a 1-2 Lift system, which requires no need for bending down low. You can also adjust the table to a wide range of working heights, between 82cm and 102cm. It can also be easily transported thanks to built in wheels.

To keep the Fashion Master running smoothly, Miele has incorporated an automatic descaling function to prevent the build up of limescale. Depending on the hardness of the water and the quantity of water evaporated, the appliance calculates descaling intervals and lets you know when you need to start the process. An automatic rinse function is also built into the Fashion Master, which removes any mineral evaporation residue to keep the product clean.

The Miele Fashion Master is available from priced at £1,499 

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