Enjoy an Authentic Barista Experience at Home with Miele’s New Freestanding Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

17.03.2021 17.03.2021

Premium appliance manufacturer, Miele has redesigned its popular CM5 and CM6 freestanding bean to cup coffee machines to offer coffee connoisseurs the ultimate in professional-style countertop appliances.  As well as offering barista-quality coffee from the comfort of your own home, the new CM5 collection benefits from considerably reduced noise levels for a smoother, quieter cappuccino, flat white or latte.  What’s more, the new CM6 designs come with improved milk froth thanks to an innovative double valve and feature WifiConn@act for voice control, app operation and even online ordering and current cleaning status. 


Available from September 2020, the coffee machines are available in a selection of on-trend finishes including Rose Gold, Obsidian Black and Graphite Grey.  The all-new designs feature a conical grinder, which lends itself to an authentic extraction for results that are rich in flavour, allowing you to bring your favourite coffee shop beverages directly into your kitchen at any time of the day.


Neil Pooley, category manager for cooking appliances for Miele GB says, “The CM5 and CM6 range of coffee machines will not only add style and substance to kitchens but they are also in line with our aim to become ever more sustainable and considered in the way we design, manufacture and supply appliances of every size and style.”


Key Highlights of the Miele CM5 and CM6 Freestanding Coffee Machines:

Pleasantly Quiet

The new CM5 Silence collection boasts ultra-quiet noise levels with quieter grinding and coffee production for the perfect cup, in perfect peace.



The new Miele CM6 MilkPerfection offers improved milk froth for cappuccinos and frothy coffees due to its innovative double venture valve.  The double Venturi process with double steam, brand new from Miele, offers significantly improved milk froth quality and high milk froth temperature for barista-style coffee, whenever you want it.

Improved Rinsing

No more disconnecting and refitting the milk line for cleaning. When you select a Miele CM6 MilkPerfection model, the milk line comes with an auto rinsing feature.  There is also a new double milk hose - the first tube runs from the milk container to the coffee machine and the second returns the rinse water to the drip tray.


Milk Container

Miele’s CM6 MilkPerfection is designed with the same milk jug as Miele’s built-in coffee machines.  Made from glass, it enables the liquid to be seen from the outside for easy cleaning. It fits perfectly in your fridge door when you’re not using it and it’s also dishwasher-proof too.


Updated facias and WifiConn@act

The CM6 now has more coffee options than ever before with the introduction of Espresso Macchiato and Flat White.  To further enhance the user experience, Miele has added a plethora of tea options where the water temperature is set to take care of the delicate leaves and a timer will activate for exact brew times.  New software and WifiConn@act allow users total freedom thanks to a variety of easy to use smart controls. ShopConn@act offers convenient online ordering and current cleaning status.  MobileControl enables you to start drinks preparation remotely or adjust settings when out and about.  BaristaAssistant lets you create your favourite recipes, VoiceControl allows you to start drinks off or query a status using Amazon Alexa, while SuperVision provides an overview of all Miele WifiConn@act appliances.

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