PW 418 [EL MF] - Washing machine, electrically heated Liquid dispensing module.--Octoblue
  • Liquid dispensing module.--Octoblue

PW 418 [EL MF]
Washing machine, electrically heated
Liquid dispensing module.

  • Drum volume 180 l, maximum load capacity 20.0 kg


    The maximum load capacity is based on a load ratio of 1:9.
  • Low water and energy consumption thanks to new suds container

    Innovative suds container

    Efficient use of resources with redesigned suds container.
  • Optimum cleaning and care thanks to patented honeycomb drum 2.0*

    Patented honeycomb drum 2.0

    Optimum laundry care and cleaning thanks to patented honeycomb drum with scoop ribs for effective wetting.
    Patent: EP 2 700 744 B1
  • Maximum user convenience thanks to automatic door lock*

    Automatic door lock

    OneFingerTouch enables easy door closing.
    Patent: DE 10 2013 226 726 A1
  • Very smooth running thanks to efficient spring-in-spring system

    Efficient spring-in-spring system

    Extremely smooth running, even at high spin speeds, thanks to efficient suspension system.
  • Octoblue
PW418 [EL MF]

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