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A clear decision for analytically pure lab glassware.

Improve your lab processes now and access a saving of £250!

Times are changing, and the reprocessing of lab glassware is no exception. With a Miele lab glass washer you can now save money and enjoy the many benefits that come with automated reprocessing, including increased time and efficiency savings.

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Analytically clean results

A clear decision in favour of analytically clean laboratory glassware.

Times are changing, and the reprocessing of lab glassware is no exception. With a Miele lab washer you can now save money and enjoy the many benefits:

  • Combine maximum cleaning with optimum glass protection
  • Automate cleaning processes and reduce time and effort for lab staff
  • Increase efficiency with more capacity and special wash programmes
  • Reduce water, energy and chemical wastage
  • Excellent cost efficiency 


Act now and secure a discount of up to £250!


1. Replace Manual Cleaning:

Benefit from a solution that will deliver consistently thorough cleaning quickly and easily, freeing up your staff for other duties.

2. Renew Older Equipment:

Enjoy improved quality control, greater reliability and reduced wastage with a Miele glass washer.

3. Upgrade Existing Miele Equipment:

With varying reprocessing requirements, upgrading to a lab washer with a larger load capacity offers you greater flexibility and further efficiency savings.

Make the change now to enjoy the many benefits of a Miele lab glasswasher.

Optimise your lab processes now and claim a discount of up to £250.

  • PG8583/93 lab washer
  • PG 8583 CD lab washer
  • PLW 6111/6011 SlimLine lab washer

Lab washers

Compact lab washers: PG 8583, PG 8583 CD and PG 8593

  • High capacity (e.g. up to 260 injector nozzles with combination of modules for laboratory glassware/modules for vials)
  • Modular basket programme for maximum flexibility
  • Convenient drying assistance – EcoDry (PG 8583) or efficient hot-air drying – DryPlus (PG 8583CD, PG 8593)
  • Link to process documentation possible

Further information on machine specifications can be found here:

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SlimLine lab washer: PLW 6111 and PLW 6011

  • Max. usable volume: 225 l
  • Capacity/cycle: Up to 126 narrow-necked glasses or 121 pipettes, alternatively 468 test tubes or 84 laboratory bottles
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading thanks to telescopic racks
  • Flexible positioning of racks on up to 4 different levels with SmartLoad
  • Entire load in full view thanks to all-glass door and chamber lighting

Further information on machine specifications can be found here:

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Customer benefits

PG 8583, PG 8583CD and PG 8593

Greater flexibility

  • EasyLoad: A new, modular basket concept offers maximum flexibility and intuitive operation as modules can be used in different combinations and can easily be reconfigured
  • Wide range of combination options guarantees flexibility in catering for different loads
  • Reduction in number of load carriers needed saves both on investments and storage space


Greater purity

  • Variable-speed pump for perfect spray pressure in all programme phases
  • The multi-stage filtration system is highly efficient in removing particles from wash water
  • Spray pressure and spray arm monitoring detects any loss in pressure as well as load items preventing spray arm rotation
  • Conductivity monitoring ensures required water quality
  • Highest of hygiene standards
  • Laser technology is used to weld the chamber sections to give a perfectly smooth, crevice-free finish offering no nooks or crannies where soil can accumulate
  • The removal of heater elements from the chamber eliminates a further potential source of a build-up of contamination and banishes the risk of damage to plastic items
  • Different nozzle forms on the spray arms ensure the forceful removal of persistent soiling and the uniform wetting of loads. Optimum arrangement of nozzles ensures full coverage of all surfaces
  • Highly efficient drying
  • EcoDry: The door of the PG 8583 opens automatically at the end of a programme once the temperature in the chamber drops below 70°C
  • DryPlus hot-air drying on the PG 8593/PG 8583 CD represents an ideal solution when dealing with intricate and narrow-lumened laboratory glassware and equipment

PLW 6011 and PLW 6111 lab washers

  • Compact machine dimensions combined with large chamber capacity
  • Small footprint with width of only 650 mm
  • 3 levels with injector nozzles
  • Vertical clearance of up to 630 mm for large vessels
  • 121 pipettes or 40 bottles (1 l) in a single cycle
  • Spotless results through combination of programme cycle and process chemicals
  • ProCare Lab process chemicals for perfect results
  • Thorough cleaning combined with the gentlest treatment of materials
  • Simple and efficient cleaning processes
  • Chamber, spray arms and filters made from high-grade stainless steel (DIN 1.4404/AISI 316L)
  • Conductivity monitoring for high-level process security*
  • Integrated water softener*
  • Heated boiler for shorter cycle times*

*Depending on model

  • Visual monitoring of chamber
  • Process control thanks to full glass door
  • Integrated chamber lighting
  • Automatic door lock
  • Wide range of load carriers
  • Range specifically designed for laboratory use
  • Maximum flexibility combined with intuitive use
  • Wide range of standard and configurable loading options
  • Option of reprocessing even the smallest items of laboratory glassware through to very large containers (up to 50 l)



1. Machines:

A range of innovative lab washers with individually selectable features - perfect hygiene for every application.

Komponenten & Prozesschemie

2. Components & process chemicals:

For the gentle yet thorough cleaning of laboratory glassware, Miele promotes the targeted and careful use of process chemicals.


3. Process documentation:

Our intelligent documentation software allows full traceability and the evaluation of cleaning processes.


4. Service

From pre-sales advice to financing, installation, maintenance and repairs - Miele is your first port of call when it comes to lab washers.


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