PT 8403 [PTB Plus G] - Vented dryer, gas heated

PT 8403 [PTB Plus G]
Vented dryer, gas heated
With residual moisture controls for perfect drying results.

  • Drum volume 400 l, load capacity 16,0-20,0kg
  • Unique, gentle fabric care – honeycomb drum

    Honeycomb drum

    Less creasing, easy finishing: Laundry is dried very gently and evenly in the honeycomb drum.
  • Greatest energy efficiency thanks to Air Recycling

    Air recycling

    Low energy consumption due to recycling of pre-heated process air.
  • Precision drying of all fabrics – PerfectDry

    PerfectDry system

    The Miele PerfectDry system dries garments perfectly.
  • Simple operation - easy to clean large fluff filter

    Large fluff filter

    The very large filter surface is particularly easy to clean.
  • Octoblue
PT8403 [PTB Plus G]

Product details - PT 8403 [PTB Plus G]

EAN: 4002514694092 / Article no. 52840330D / Mat. no. 07588890
Construction type and version 
Construction type
Front loader
Load in kg
Load ratio
Drum volume in l
Drying system
Door opening [Ø] in mm

Large drum opening

Large drum opening for fast, ergonomic loading and unloading ensures smooth operation.
Door opening angle in degrees
Door hinge
Convertible door hinging
Stainless steel honeycomb drum

Honeycomb drum

Less creasing, easy finishing: Laundry is dried very gently and evenly in the honeycomb drum.
Suitable for the hotel and catering industry
Suitable for retirement and care homes
Suitable for facility management
Suitable for commercial laundries
Suitable for studs, riding schools and stables

Tumble dryers for stud farms and riding stables

These tumble dryers meet the requirements of stud farms and riding stables, for instance with special drying programmes for horse blankets and wool blankets.
Suitable for universities, nurseries, and schools
Suitable for hospitals
Suitable for sports clubs
Suitable for beauty salons, spas, and fitness centres
Performance data 
Maximum evaporation capacity in l/hour
Programme duration in min.


In the Normal drying programme or with residual moisture reduced from 50 % or 48 % (depending on model) to 0 % (with the lowest recommended load ratio).
Tested operating hours


Our machines undergo intensive testing under laboratory conditions. The actual operating hours may vary depending on actual usage behaviour, maintenance and care of the machine.
Control system
Profitronic B Plus

Profitronic B Plus controls

By means of the user-friendly residual moisture controls the required level of dampness and material type can be set easily and simply via the rotary selector. It is also possible to set the programme parameters individually as required. For delicate fabrics it is possible to reduce the temperature from high to medium with the "​Low temperature"​ option.​​ The display shows the residual moisture, the remaining cycle time and the programme stage: Heating up - cooling down - anti-crease action
Setting of defined parameters

Defined setting options

The different programmes have some drying parameters that can be individually adjusted.
User interface
Residual moisture controlled

PerfectDry system

The Miele PerfectDry system dries garments perfectly.
Time left display

Countdown indicator

After the programme has started, the display shows the cycle time remaining.
Programme sequence indicator
Fascia panel with plain text

Clear text display in country-specific language

Programme names and other information are displayed as clear text in country-specific languages
Selectable display languages

User instructions in a variety of languages

Avoids operating errors: All instructions and processes can be displayed in a variety of languages.
Standard electrical connection 
Heating type

Gas heating

Heating with gas has many benefits from an economic as well an environmental perspective.
Electrical connection
3N AC 380-415V 50HZ
Gas heater rating in kW
Total connected load in kW
Fuse rating in A
Dimensions and weight 
External dimensions, net height in mm
External dimensions, net width in mm
External dimensions, net depth in mm
External dimensions, gross height in mm


Including packaging 
External dimensions, gross width in mm


Including packaging 
External dimensions, gross depth in mm


Including packaging 
Net weight in kg
Gross weight in kg


Including packaging 
Maximum floor loading in N

Maximum floor bearing capacity

Maximum floor bearing capacity states the maximum force (N) that the surface on which the machine is installed can tolerate. This maximum load bearing capacity is the result of adding up the weight of the machine, the load and the water in it, as well as the dynamic forces that occur during operation.
Emissions data 
Emissions – sound pressure at workplace

Emission sound pressure level in the workplace

The emission sound pressure level is a value given to the noise created by the machine. Miele Professional commercial laundry machines have very low noise levels.
<70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Heat dissipation into the room in MJ/h

Heat output into the room

During operation, laundry machines release heat into the surrounding area. The released amount of heat/time depends on the set temperatures and the intensity of use. The stated maximum value can be used to control the temperature of the area or to calculate an increase in room temperature.
Intelligent drum reversal

Intelligent tumble dryers

Gentle and uniform drying thanks to intelligent technology.
Axial airflow

Axial airflow

For perfect drying results, air is passed through the drum according to the principle of longitudinal air flow.
Large-surface fluff filter

Large fluff filter

The very large filter surface is particularly easy to clean.

PerfectDry system

The Miele PerfectDry system dries garments perfectly.
SoftLift drum ribs

SoftLift drum ribs ensure gentle fabric care

The SoftLift drum ribs allow laundry to be dried gently and evenly.
Air Recycling

Air recycling

Low energy consumption due to recycling of pre-heated process air.
Low temperature function

Low temperature function

The "Low temperature" option can be activated on dryer for particularly sensitive fabrics. This will reduce the temperature during the drying process.
Communication slot

Communication slot

The communication shaft enables data exchange with the machine environment via the communication module.
Emergency switch-off


The EMERGENCY STOP switch can be pressed to avert actual or impending danger by shutting down the machine safely.
Machine-independent accessories

A wide range of accessories*

Consistently perfect work processes and efficiency - with a large selection of practical accessories.
All accessories can be purchased as an option.
Connection options 
Payment system (optional)

Connection of payment system

Optimum use in self-service areas is possible thanks to the connection for payment systems.
Serial interface RS 232 (optional)

RS 232 serial interface

The serial interface allows communication with technical terminal devices for data exchange.
Optical interface for service access
Peak load cut-out/energy management (optional)

Peak load cut-out

Comprehensive energy management by integrating the machines into an energy management system.
Test certificate 
Splash-proof safety rating IPX4
DVGW gas
Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Illustration(s) as an example, for information
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