PLW 86 model series

The new benchmark

The new PLW 86 model series from Miele Professional sets new standards in terms of performance and user-friendliness.

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Customer benefits

Unique pump combination with variable-speed pump

• 2-pump system for maximum performance
• Variable-speed pump for perfect adjustment of circulation pressure to loads and process requirements
• Second pump exclusively serves machine spray arms

Flexible loading

• 5 standard load carriers
• 9 levels and modules
• Combinable with various nozzles and further accessories
• Thousands of combinations to meet specific needs
• Flexible and space-saving
• … for tailored flexibility in the reprocessing of laboratory glassware

Machine options for efficiency and the sparing use of resources

• Pre-heating tank for shorter cycle times
• Recycling tank saves water and electricity
• Adjusted water volumes to suit loads

High-performance drying

• 2-section drying unit for optimum drying results
• HEPA 14 filter for top-level safety
• HEPA filter at entrance to chamber to ensure that particulate matter from the fan and heater elements are also reliably removed from circulation

Intuitive operation and programmable controls

• 7" colour touch display for an intuitive user interface and simple process control
• Flush display in machine front for simple and safe cleaning
• Pre-installed programmes can be modified to suit individual needs
• 200 memory slots for programmes

Multi-colour chamber lighting with status indicator

• Multi-colour LED chamber lighting (white, green, red)
• Visual process control
• Chamber lighting colours provide a simple indication of machine status visible from a distance

Hygienic chamber design and high-precision workmanship

• Optimised chamber design with pitched surfaces and cove cornering to induce run-off
• Heater elements outside chamber
• Chamber manufactured using precision robotic laser welding process
• Steel grade: 1.4404 / 316 L

Intelligent filter design with self-cleaning effect

• 2-component filter consisting of coarse and fine filters
• Fine filter with 0.2 mm mesh size for the reliable removal of even the smallest particles
• Reduced effort in cleaning filters thanks to self-cleaning effect during drainage

Conductivity sensor and spray arm monitoring

• Process control and residue-free final rinse thanks to integrated conductivity sensor
• Monitoring of spray arm speeds for reliable cleaning results
• Spray arms with optimised nozzle design

On-board space for process chemicals and dispensing

• Space for process chemicals below machine (even on 900 mm wide unit)
• Room for up to 4 x 10 l canisters
• Simple handling thanks to dispenser compartment drawer
• 2 dispenser pumps, extensible to max. 6 dispenser pumps
• Dispensing monitored using precise oval-wheel counters


PLW 8615

• Single-door 900 mm wide model version
• Also available as two-door barrier model (PLW 8616)
• Chamber volume: 351 l
• Machine specifications configurable to address specific requirements

PLW 8617

• Single-door 1150 mm wide model version
• Chamber volume: 351 l
• Machine specifications configurable to address specific requirements

Accessoires & process chemistry

EasyLoad – Fast loading and highly efficient use of chamber space.

• New injector system for all common injector modules and a broad range of other load carriers
• Optimum utilisation of available vertical load clearance
• Fast and simple load arrangement and positioning
• Thorough internal cleaning of glassware in a variety of shapes and sizes
• Secure hold and first-class protection of loads during washing

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Spotless results through perfect combination of programme cycle and process chemicals

• ProCare Lab process chemicals for optimum results
• Thorough cleaning geared to maximum protection of materials
• Detergent and neutralising agent in various container sizes

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