PG 8536 [AD SST] - Washer-disinfector With AD water connection.--Stainless steel
  • With AD water connection.--Stainless steel

PG 8536 [AD SST]
Washer-disinfector With AD water connection.

  • Performance/cycle, such as 7 DIN mesh trays or 2 MIS sets

    Further stacking options

    Alternatively, 48 GYN specula or 2 AN sets can be reprocessed per cycle.
    For laboratory use up to 66 narrow-necked flasks or 96 pipettes can be processed per cycle.
  • Highest level of flexibility - individually programmable controls

    Programmable controls

    The programmable controls give the washer-disinfectors a high level of flexibility. The machines are already equipped with numerous programmes for all kinds of applications ex works. Authorised users can modify these programmes or upload their own programmes.
  • Safety - spray arm monitoring and automatic mobile unit recognition

    For a reliable result

    Outstanding reprocessing results are achieved through the spray arm sensing, which immediately detects irregular spray pressure or any load blockages.
    In combination with automatic mobile unit recognition, the highest level of safety is guaranteed. By using a magnetic strip, the washer-disinfector recognises the different mobile unit types with their specific loads and automatically selects the appropriate reprocessing programme.
  • Perfect drying results - efficient hot air drying

    Efficient drying

    Active hot air drying is the optimum solution for hollow instruments or narrow-lumened laboratory glassware. The upstream H13 HEPA filter ensures optimum particle separation from the drying air. The filter is easily accessible via a side unit.
  • Total security - interface for process documentation

    Process documentation

    Safety through the clear documentation of all the reprocessing steps.
EAN: 4002514859897 / Article no. 62853621GB / Mat. no. 07831480
PG8536 [AD SST]

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