ProCare Shine worth up to £250 free of charge

Because no one understands our dishwashers as well as we do!

Treat your dishwasher as it deserves to be treated, and take advantage of our ProCare Shine cleaning agents worth up to £250 for a limited period.


Receive £250 of ProCare Shine chemicals

Receive first set of cleaning agents worth £50 free of charge

When you purchase a new Miele Professional dishwasher it will be supplied with a set of cleaning agents, worth £50, free of charge to get you started.

Receive a voucher worth £200

In addition to the set of cleaning agents, you will also receive a voucher with three codes on it, each worth the equivalent of £50. These can be used to redeem three more sets of cleaning agents from the ProCare Shine range. The voucher is valid until 31.08.2018.