DataDiaryID - NFC chipcards for easy user identification in the DataDiary app.--NO_COLOR
  • for easy user identification in the DataDiary app.--NO_COLOR

NFC chipcards
for easy user identification in the DataDiary app.

  • Easy user registration via NFC tag
  • Includes 5 chipcards

Product details - DataDiaryID

EAN: 4002515966464 / Article no. 68819501D / Mat. no. 10735270
Product category 
Washer-disinfectors, laboratory
Thermal disinfectors
Washer-disinfectors, medical
Machine/accessory categorisation 
PG 8581
PG 8562
PG 8582
PG 8582 CD
PG 8583
PG 8583 CD
PG 8591
PG 8592
PG 8593
Product category 
Process/operating documentation/communication
Product properties 
Area of application 
Reprocessing pipettes/vials
Reprocessing laboratory glassware
Reprocessing of slides
Reprocessing of butyrometers
Reprocessing of pharmacy/infusion bottles
Reprocessing anaesthetic instruments
Reprocessing MIS instruments
Reprocessing ophthalmology instruments
Reprocessing robotic instruments
Reprocessing GYN instruments
Reprocessing ENT instruments
Reprocessing dental instruments
Reprocessing theatre shoes
Reprocessing basins
Reprocessing kidney dishes
Reprocessing baby bottles
Reprocessing OP instruments
Reprocessing hollow instruments
Reprocessing orthopaedic OP instruments
Reprocessing intramedullary nails/medullary reamers
Reprocessing of trays/platters
Reprocessing of mesh trays
Reprocessing of measuring cylinders
Reprocessing of containers, e.g. soda lime containers
Reprocessing of different utensils
Dimensions and weight 
External dimensions, height in mm
External dimensions, width in mm
External dimensions, depth in mm
Net weight in kg
Test certificate 
ISO/IEC 14443
Illustration(s) as an example, for information
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