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APTD 500
Basket, rilsan-coated

  • Easy to repurpose using different baskets – simple conversion

    Quick conversion 

    Repurposing of a dishwasher from washing flasks to other load items is possible at any time. Similarly, the basket can be retrofitted whenever needed. The process is self-explanatory and involves only three steps:
    1. Open the dishwasher and remove the lower spray arm.
    2. Install the supplied adapter in place of the spray arm, ensuring that it engages properly.
    3. Install the flask basket and start the programme 
  • Hygienic reprocessing thanks to individual injector nozzles 
  • Supplied with adapter
  • Max. load item clearance 375 mm, diameter 100 mm


    Based on PTD 703 and PTD 704 machines.
    In the PTD 702, the maximum vertical clearance is 280 mm.

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