APFD 200 - Insert/basket for the optimum loading of air regulators.--stainless steel exterior
  • for the optimum loading of air regulators.--stainless steel exterior

APFD 200
Insert/basket for the optimum loading of air regulators.

  • Suitable for holding 6 air regulators securely

    Intuitive loading using load-specific baskets

    The baskets enable the simple and secure positioning of load items. The focus is on the protection of materials and quality
    cleaning results. Each air regulator and each breathing mask has its own separate compartment for sundry small parts.
  • Accessories: 2 small-part baskets with 3 coloured compartments

    Colour-coded compartment for small parts

    Each mask and air regulator has its own small parts compartment which is colour-coded for ease of identification. This ensures that replacement cycles for individual components, e.g. the membranes in breathing masks, can be reliably observed, despite the requisite disassembly and reassembly.
  • Breathing air connection and compressed air indicator

    Basket with compressed air connection

    The load basket for air regulators incorporates a connection which connects the load to a supply of compressed air used during the reprocessing cycle. This prevents any ingress of water or wash liquor into the valves of the air regulators during reprocessing. An indicator on the basket indicates whether pressure was maintained throughout the entire reprocessing cycle.
  • Connection via quick couplings (compatible with Parker Rectus 25)
EAN: 4002516080473 / Article no. 67020001D / Mat. no. 11045740

Product details - APFD 200

Product category 
Fresh-water dishwashers
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PG 8063
Product category 
Basket for air regulators
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Compressed air indicator
Area of application 
Reprocessing of breathing air regulators
Air regulators [number]
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