Reprocessing robotic instruments

ROBOTVARIO X-tra: Reprocessing with PG 8528
The ROBOTVARIO enjoys high levels of confidence in specialist circles as a system solution for reprocessing robotic instruments and is recommended by Intuitive Surgical Inc., manufacturer of surgery robots. Miele Professional has optimised the process even more and offers increased load capacity as well as a modular load carrier concept.
The ROBOTVARIO X-tra system, with the loading trolley A 502 and various modules for holding instruments, can be used in the central reprocessing department in hospitals. The mobile unit holds up to 8 shaft instruments as well as 2 additional special instruments securely in place and allows thorough flushing of all interior spaces. An additional nozzle strip guarantees targeted cleaning of frequently heavily soiled work ends.
In addition to this, the A 502 trolley is equipped with a microfilter which prevents deposits of particles within the instruments. Furthermore, in addition to shaft and special instruments, the trolley can be loaded with other instruments as well as accessories for robot-assisted interventions such as trocar sleeves.
ROBOTVARIO: Reprocessing with PG 8536
The E 428 mobile unit, which can be used with the Miele PG 8536 washer-disinfectors, is suitable for cleaning up to six shafted instruments. There are two connections for each of these instruments, for separate flushing of the control unit and the shaft interior in the area of the distal end.
Reprocessing robotic instruments
The complexity of the robotic-assisted instruments used in minimally invasive surgery poses extreme challenges with respect to guaranteed reliable results when reprocessing the instruments. The ROBOTVARIO reprocessing system from Miele Professional consists of a specially designed mobile unit, a new reprocessing programme and matching process chemicals. The outcome is an innovative approach to the safe and cost-efficient cleaning and disinfection of robotic-assisted surgical instruments.
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