Change up your regular wash cycle for a more effective clean

Lab Washer Programmes

It is often the case that laboratory teams stick to tried and tested standard wash cycle without testing out alternative programmes.


Standard cycles are effective for most laboratory glassware and for a wide range of soiling, but you may find alternative cycles provide better results for specific requirements.


Here are a few suggestions for how switching from your standard cycle on your PG 8583, PG 8593 or PG 8583CD laboratory glasswasher models may help make your lab life easier.


  1. Plastic fantastic

Using a lower temperature setting on your wash cycle enables you to wash plastic items, which helps the environment by allowing them to be reused instead of thrown away.

A lower temperature of 55 degrees is suitable to wash plastic while maintaining the integrity of the items.


  1. Daily decontamination  

The Special programme on our PG 8583 washer reaches temperatures of 93 degrees to assist in decontamination.This high temperature provides cleaning and thermal disinfection with a 10-minute hold time.


  1. Acidic action

For effective removal of inorganic contaminants, the Inorganic programme offers bespoke settings include dispensing of neutralising agent at the beginning of the cycle for an acidic pre-wash. This helps in the removal of coarse and stubborn soiling.


  1. Injection booster

The Miele Injector Plus programme offers increased water pressure, designed to boost efficacy of modular injectors on top and bottom baskets.This helps provide consistent cleaning results throughout the machine for high production labs.


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