Re-starting your Lab/Glass washer

Restarting your lab washer

If your laboratory’s glasswashers have been out of operation for a number of weeks, it is essential to perform a number of checks on operational components before your machine is put back into service.

This is particularly relevant for machines which use automatic dosage of external detergent and neutralising agents, because certain chemicals may have crystallised in pumps and pipework during an extended period of inactivity.  By following the processes outlined below you can help ensure your washer is back up and running at its optimal performance without any hitch.

Follow our simple step-by-step guide before using your lab washer when you return to work. Please ensure you also follow instructions in the user manual for detailed information on priming dosing systems relevant to your individual models.


1.       Turn on all water supplies and check for leaks.

2.       Turn on power supply, and switch on the machine.

3.       Inspect all spray arms.

4.       Check filters.

5.       Check salt levels.

6.       Check all baskets for loose rollers and blocked spray arms or injectors.

7.       Remove chemical/DOS lances one at a time and place them in a container of warm water.

8.       Run the DOS priming programme for each chemical 3-4 times per chemical, so that the warm water is flushed through the dispensing system.

9.       Remove the DOS lances from the warm water container and re-connect them to the appropriate chemical containers.  Repeat the priming programme a couple of times to ensure the hoses are purged of warm water and replaced with chemical.

10.   Insert all appropriate baskets and accessories.

11.   Select a hot cycle and press start.

12.   Once the cycle has finished check the water and waste connections and door area for signs of leaks.

13.   Check and ensure the cabinet wash chamber is clean and all spray arms freely rotate.


To ensure your laboratory washers provide consistent outstanding results, we recommend a Miele professional service plan.

We offer two plans to suit your needs and budget, designed to offer you and your organisation peace of mind.  Our fully comprehensive option includes call out fee, repairs/breakdowns, labour, spare parts and end of year services.  Whereas our preventative maintenance option excludes spare parts.

For more information contact or call 0330 160 6696.