APCL 044 - Connector Box

Communication box appWash 

for networking washing machines/tumble dryers with appWash PAY and RELAX.

  • For use in self-service applications (e.g. laundry/utility rooms)
    With its 2 services, appWash offers owners of student accommodation and apartment buildings maximum flexibility:appWash PAY takes care of settling all the laundry-room payment transactions for supervisors. Users can easily make payments via the appWash by Miele app. The supervisor then receives the revenues at the end of the month. With appWash RELAX, appWash is outsourced as the laundry-room supervisor. In other words, appWash is responsible for proper operation of the laundry room.
  • Suitable for up to 6 machines (washing machines and dryers)
    All Little Giants can be used with appWash. Even a large proportion of the Professional laundry technology range is compatible. appWash uses the same interface that is also used by other payment systems. All Miele washing machines and tumble dryers that can currently be linked to a payment system are also compatible with appWash.
  • Users can book machines via the appWash by Miele app and online
    The appWash by Miele app is free for laundry-room users in both the PAY and RELAX models.Users can use appWash 2 minutes after they have downloaded the app. They can top up their credit using payment methods like PayPal and book machines in the app. Machine availability is visible at all times online. Once the washing or drying programme has ended, a push notification informs the user that the laundry is done.If there are any problems, they can contact appWash via a feedback button.
  • Supervisors can use appWash connect to see how machines are used
    In the appWash PAY model, you are still the supervisor of your laundry room. Our appWash connect web portal for PC, smartphone and tablet gives you a full overview.You can use it to define prices for washing and drying in each laundry room and you can see how the machines are currently being used.It also lets you track who is using the machines, when they are being used and how much is being washed and dried.All laundry rooms at a glance, anywhere.
  • Find out more about appWash: www.appwash.com
  • Electrical connection: 100–240 V 50/60 HZ – Installation notes
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    APCL 044 - Connector Box
    EAN 4002516309499 / Article number 59590039D / Material number 11484630

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