Check in to the
★★★★★ gourmet hotel

The new Miele K 20,000 offers luxurious accommodation featuring the perfect conditions for any type of food.

Ideal climate

Food stays fresher for longer.

Fresh design

The Blackboard edition is the star of the kitchen.

Exceptional comfort and convenience

The door opens almost by itself.

Brightly illuminated atmosphere

The interior is perfectly illuminated.

Very spacious

The interior provides ample space and convenience.

Best rating

Exemplary energy consumption.

★★★★★ Quality

Our aspiration: Immer besser, forever better.

Ideal climate

Savour your stay to the max: Miele freshness systems guarantee perfect refrigeration conditions and provide the ideal interior climate to keep your food fresher for longer.

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PerfectFresh Pro

Food stays fresh up to 5x longer. In an automatically controlled temperature range from 0°C to +3°C, meat, fish and many dairy products have a shelf life that is up to 3x longer. Fruit and vegetables even stay fresh up to 5x longer - thanks to optimised moisture regulation in the drawer. And integrated bright LED lighting gives you a perfect overview of everything. All this makes the PerfectFresh Pro the best freshness storage by Miele.


The spacious drawer in the refrigerator area provides room for a wide variety of fresh produce. The adjustable opening in the drawer allows for improved moisture retention. So fruit and vegetables remain noticeably fresh and crisp for longer.

Fresh design

Choose your favourite: the appliance front on the Blackboard edition offers plenty of space for your messages. The glass front adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The stainless steel version is both chic and low-maintenance. And the recessed-handle design (no visible handles) blends seamlessly into any kitchen.

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Blackboard edition

The Blackboard edition turns the fridge-freezer into the communications centre in your kitchen. Give free reign to your creativity and write or draw on the blackboard door front with conventional school chalk or liquid chalk markers.

Glass surfaces

The high-quality glass fronts in Brilliant white and Obsidian black are not only impressive for their linear design, they are also very easy to clean.

Stainless steel CleanSteel

The stainless steel version features a special CleanSteel surface. Thanks to this finish, the surface is very easy to care for. Fingerprints are nearly invisible on CleanSteel.

Greatest convenience

Trust in superior operation: the refrigerator features state-of-the-art elements that constitute a superb combination of function and design. From opening the door down to the tiniest adjustment, everything is intuitive and easy to manage.

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Miele K 20.000 generation fridge-freezers are designed to be opened very easily and elegantly - without any visible handle. All it takes is one click on the laterally recessed handle to effortlessly open the door. More convenience and perfect harmony of design down to the last detail.

FreshTouch operation

FreshTouch operation is based on a TFT colour display with touch control without the need for additional buttons. All displays and functions are easy to select and can be set with the touch of a fingertip.

Bright ambience

Enjoy the unique atmosphere: the innovative lighting pleasantly illuminates every area of the refrigerator and showcases your food to perfection.

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FlexiLight, the new LED glass shelf lighting not only illuminates the interior of Miele refrigerators with unparalleled, glare-free brilliance, it can be flexibly and individually positioned at each shelf level. Because you can place it where you like the lighting will never be obstructed.

LED ceiling lighting

This type of lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere and emphasises the high quality of the material. LED lights are maintenance-free and ensure optimum illumination of the interior space. Compared to conventional bulbs, LEDs are exceptionally energy-saving and have a considerably longer service life.

Freezer illumination

Located on the upper refrigerator door, bright LEDS perfectly illuminate the freezer compartment and whether the drawers are open or closed, provide an ideal view of the frozen items. So there's no more time wasted searching for frozen food products.

Very spacious

Indulge yourself in luxury: new standards are set in terms of available space. And your food is comfortably stored in the ample, luxurious interior.

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More space for bulky items

Thanks to the greater usable depth in the refrigerator section, it is far easier for you to accommodate large and bulky items, and even something as big as a fully prepared baking tray can be temporarily stored in the refrigerator.

More volume for bulky frozen products

The XL interior offers tangibly greater volume at every drawer level, including freezer drawers. This way you gain a great deal of space and flexibility for storing your frozen foods.

Best rating

Let the numbers speak for themselves: when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability, Miele refrigerators are the best choice - for your own home and for the environment.

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Best energy efficiency

Miele refrigerators and freezers achieve optimum values for energy efficiency: an efficient cooling circuit and modern insulation materials also enable superlative energy efficiency classes A++ and A+++ with high performance capacity and the usual flexibility. So you save money and protect our natural resources - all day, every day.

★★★★★ Quality

Sit back and relax: we do not compromise on quality and durability, so you can totally rely on your Miele refrigerator.

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Our brand promise

There are many good reasons in favour of Miele. Six of these are set out here:

Miele quality

For more than 100 years it has been a proven adage that you can trust Miele and rely on our appliances. We are the only manufacturer in our branch of industry to test products such as our washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and ovens to the equivalent of 20 years‘ use. Once a Miele, always a Miele: Miele customers around the world remain loyal to Miele and recommend Miele to others. Looking to the future, we promise not to entertain any compromises when it comes to the dependability and durability of our appliances.

Miele technology

Miele stands for top-class results combined with minimum energy consumption. This goes for the hygienic and gentle care of your laundry, your flooring and your crockery as well as when conjuring up exquisite culinary delights. The key to this is a wealth of innovative features available only from Miele. This is borne out by numerous first places in leading product tests conducted around the world.

Miele convenience

Whether using a conventional rotary switch, discreet sensor controls or a high-resolution touch display like the one on your smartphone: operating a Miele appliance is both easy and fun. Add to this a multitude of convenient and reliable automatic programmes and a great love of detail – success is guaranteed – on board both laundry and kitchen appliances. Make life easier for yourself with Miele!

Miele design

Miele believes in clean lines and timeless elegance. Nowhere else will you find such a comparable range of built-in kitchen appliances, with consistency in design lines and colour options, to suit the most diverse of interior designs and kitchen furniture fronts. Great care is taken to coordinate appliance design across the range. Whatever the style of your kitchen: Miele is the perfect match.

The Miele Service

Miele customers enjoy preferential treatment: Thanks to our fast and efficient after-sales service operation which has been voted best in its branch of industry many times over. Even if you need personalised instructions on appliance use or professional cleaning of your appliances, Miele will gladly make a home visit. We will always be there for you. That’s a promise!

The Miele brand

In many countries Miele is the most coveted brand in its branch of industry. On its own home market in Germany, Miele was even voted 'best brand ever' in 2013, across all product branches. And the ownership of products from such a brand reveals much about its users: Miele customers have high expectations for the performance and the environmental friendliness of their domestic appliances. People who buy Miele are quality conscious and have style.