Info about information and ordering

Information updated daily
You can connect to the extranet via a normal internet connection at any time. As a Miele partner, you will always have the latest information about your current orders, the availability of products and accessories, product news and promotions as well as events and offers from your distribution centre.

Conveniently search and order
What you already appreciate about the Miele website, namely the convenient search functions and detailed and extensive information about all Miele products, is enhanced in the Miele extranet with the option to order goods electronically around the clock. Very easy and extremely convenient with shopping basket function. And if you were to have a problem, our highly experienced staff are available to help both by telephone and via email.

Ordering using suggestion list
The product selection process in the extranet is user-friendly. You can create provisional lists for your orders, save the order and come back to complete it at a later time.

Short response times
You will find out whether the product is available when you enter your desired date of delivery. If this is occasionally not the case, your distribution centre will advise you of alternatives quickly and reliably. Our processing and response time is shorter, if you send your orders to Miele via the extranet.

Everything at a glance
Of course you always have an overview of the entire order process with information about your open or completed deliveries. The also applies to orders that you have made by phone or fax.

Data security
High safety standards reliably protect your data from unauthorised access. With individual access rights, only you have insight into your business operations.

Note for dealers
If you are already a Miele dealer and are interested in our extranet, please fill in the appropriate form to register.