Company values

We are proud of our long company history in which employees have always played and are sure to continue to play a crucial role. See for yourself what issues move us and let us convince you.

Personalpolitik und Unternehmenskultur

HR policies and corporate culture

With a caring nature unusual at that time, company founders Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann established the foundation for today's HR policy - characterised by social justice and respect - in 1899. This genuine harmony in conjunction with the unique corporate culture contributes significantly to the satisfaction and retention of employees. The respect for workers' rights is thus a given.

Employee Benefits

Benefits for employees

Miele employees achieve a lot - they often bring above-average commitment, ability and creativity to their work. This contributes to a significant part of the success and identity of the Miele brand. The company in turn provides ways to maintain and increase this satisfaction and performance: through performance-based compensation, comprehensive benefits, and flexible work schedules.

New Talent

Promotion of new talent

Miele offers many interesting areas of work, all of which contribute to the success of the company - and young talents are in demand everywhere. Opportunities are there to discover, advance and develop. The targeted promotion of new talent therefore takes a high priority in the company.


Employee Training and Development

Employee development is a high priority at Miele as we are always mindful that it is the employees who make the company's success possible. Miele offers you broad, yet targeted career development and training to ensure the performance and employability of the workforce. Individual skills and personal needs are given particular consideration.

Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz

Occupational safety and health protection

Miele works hard to promote the health of employees of all ages and to ensure their ability to perform. The company guarantees the highest possible occupational safety and support for their ongoing health at all locations.