Awards Miele Megastars

People all over the world trust the Miele brand. Behind this success is the corporate philosophy we have lived by for generations: with an ever increasing number of employees, the company focus is on the quality, innovation and longevity of its products. Those who start their professional life with Miele like to stay on - some for many years. We are all the more happy that our commitment does not go unnoticed from the outside.

WHAT IS IT? - A Programme for all employees which recognises and rewards those who go above and beyond what is expected.

“When people in my department go the extra mile their efforts are rewarded”

Miele Megastars

The Benefits………
• To show that we have listened and value our employees’ feedback
• To show we are aware when employees exceed our expectations
• To show we reward exceptional work
• To raise standards and improve morale
• Consistency in recognising employees across the business

Finalists for the 2017 Oxfordshire Business Awards

Miele was a Finalist in the Oxfordshire Business Awards 2017 for The Hays Employer of the Year Award.

The Oxfordshire Business awards is for 'recognising, rewarding and promoting the excellence of Oxfordshire-based companies.  The Awards are firmly established as a benchmark for excellence in today’s competitive business environment.'

Being nominated for this award was a very proud moment for Miele, as it recognises the great working environment for all members of staff.