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Hi I’m Jason Redknap, I  Started working for Miele on the 24/02/14. I am one of four apprentices at the moment and have developed a lot over the past 12 months to become a ‘Field Service Technician’.
I’m currently doing the induction training for new starter’s, and its going very well. Everyone at Miele has shown me support through my process and all have offered me help if Its needed.
Miele is a great company to work for, training to become a ‘Field Service Technician’ you get knowledge from how the machines work to how each component works in series to get a perfect product for our customers.
Over the past 12 months I have been on two courses to give me greater knowledge on house electrics. I also have been following my mentor who has taught me a lot of things such 
as fault diagnose machines and how to repair them, as well as the training team back in Abingdon. When I first started at Miele I was a very shy person not really speaking to 
many people but after going out with my mentor, other technicians and also going out with people on the two courses I went on, I slowly came out of my shell.


Jason Redknap