Experience statements and interviews

Over 16,500 employees worldwide have different tasks, responsibilities and requirements and experience work in many ways. We would like to offer you an insight into the personal experiences of our employees.


I have worked in marketing for Miele since 2013 when I joined for a year industrial placement for University. The company and the people as a whole are very welcoming, friendly and passionate about the products and the brand – which is admirable and infectious. During my final year at University I continued working at Miele and have since graduated and secured a full time role. Miele is flexible, offers many opportunities and progression which I have experienced first-hand. Miele works hard to offer their employees great benefits and recognise and appreciate those who make a difference through the monthly Miele Megastar awards. I continue to enjoy working for Miele and look forward to developing my career here. 

Michaela Uzzell