Miele TwinDos®

The best liquid detergent system

Exclusive to Miele

UltraPhase 1 guarantees perfect cleanliness and brilliant results on colours and white laundry. With UltraPhase 2, bleaching agent is added at the ideal moment to ensure that even stubborn stains are removed completely.

Exclusive to Miele
30  % detergent savings*

By the way, such accurate dispensing is difficult to accomplish manually. This is also certified by the ecological institute Öko Institute e.V. in Freiburg, Germany, which confirms a 30 % detergent saving potential thanks to the automatic dispensing feature from Miele.

Features depend on model. Images are only examples and used for explanation purposes

    • 1 . According to testing by the Öko-Institut e. V. of 06/09/2013: "Energy saving potential thanks to automatic TwinDos dispensing on the washing machines"
    • 2 . Patent: EP 2 784 205
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